SexLikeReal has added support for RAW video export, allowing for the first two of the most technologically advanced VR scenes on the site so far.

The two new uploads produced in RAW quality provide higher-quality immersion, by removing the potential degradation in quality caused by compressing the files, preserving all the details of the source material by exporting it directly, untouched.

SLR RAW scenes also offer a 200-degree field of view, for an even more realistic experience.

The launch titles are ‘Baby Yoga‘ starring Aria Banks and ‘Virtual Girlfriend‘ with Amilia Onyx. SLR has pledged to convert all of its existing scenes to the new uncompressed RAW format as well as all future releases.

“From a technical perspective, we created lens profiles for the cameras we use to shoot the action, then used them for a projection mesh in the SLR app. This means fewer distortions compared to the re-encoded equirectangular projection currently used as standard in VR porn (converting to equirectangular is where most of the quality is lost),” Alex Novak, CEO of SexLikeReal explained.

For those of a more nerdy persuasion, it may interest you to know that the first two scenes were filmed on an iZugar K1 camera, with future content being filmed on the newer K2 Pro.

The results should even eclipse the 7K format recently introduced at VirtualTaboo.

If you are tempted to give it a try, you’ll need the official SLR app. You can also use DeoVR, but that involves renaming all the files first, which is a little off-putting to us.

Then, just look for videos marked as ‘200° FOV’. Remember that quality this good will mean big files, so make sure you’ve got plenty of space on your device, and plenty of data left if you’re on a metered data plan.

Previews of both videos are available on the site, for free. Premium membership is required to see the full length versions though, as you might have suspected.

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