Valentine’s Day VR porn discounts – up to 60% off VR subs & free Pornhub Premium

VR porn discounts and free Pornhub Premium.

Valentine’s Day is either a painful reminder that you’re single, a welcome reminder that you’re single or just another day in an otherwise predictable calendar year. Or, it’s the chance to introduce a little VR excitement in your (and your partner’s) lives.

But this year, whether you’re spending the day (and night) alone or with someone, we’ve put together a list of the time-limited discounts available to you if you want to use the day to explore VR porn for the first time. Don’t hang around though, they end at midnight PDT on February14.

Valentine’s Day VR deals


While there’s a $1 deal available at BadoinkVR, as there is always, that’s a bit limited for a proper look around. Now, you don’t need to shell out the $24.95 per month, as you can get access for $9.95 instead – but the deal is only available today as a Valentine’s promotion. If you shell out for one year up-front, it works out to just $3.95 per month.

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VirtualRealPorn just about edges out BadoinkVR in our dedicated VR porn reviews, but if you want to take advantage of the company’s Valentine’s Day offers.

The options on offer (in this case across two days, to include February 15) include a one month subscription at $15.95 (normally $19.95) or a full year for $69.95 instead of $89.95.



Both sub-sites of VirtualRealPorn, VirtualRealGay and VirtualRealTrans are both offering the same Valentine’s Day discount offers.

That means one month of access for $9.95 (instead of $15.95) or one year for $59.95 instead of $89.95.



Meanwhile, on VirtualRealPassion, a site aimed at women, the pricing is a little different – charging per video, rather than on a subscription basis. For Valentine’s Day, all videos are $1.95 (a discount of 34%).


Neither NaughtyAmericaVR or HoloGirlsVR have special Valentine’s Day offers available.

Pornhub Premium

If you’d rather sign up for Pornhub Premium for free for one day, you could also do that to access more VR content – you don’t need to enter your card details either, which probably makes it more appealing to some people.

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