VirtualTaboo upgrades to 7K resolution VR scenes (that almost no-one can watch right now)

Virtual Taboo 7K VR porn scenes

In a never-ending race to the top of the specs heap, VirtualTaboo has become the first VR porn site to offer 7K resolution, pipping VRBangers‘ 6K offering to the post – although both are seriously high-resolution VR content.

For the nerdy, the 7K content is broadcast in 7260×3630 resolution, full scan – not-interlaced, with a frame-rate of 60fps, more than twice that of a standard FHD picture and 2K more than most VR content, which tends to average out at 5K currently.

You might have spotted that 7K is actually lower than the 8K screens being sold to bleeding-edgers with deep pockets right now.

The company says it went for 7K as it is the closest to that of human sight, for a more natural experience – add to that, the 200 degree field of vision and a 10-bit gammet offering over a billion colors, and you’ll get something that feels even more like being there.

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Capo Rockett, President of VirtualTaboo explained in a statement that “at a time when more people are looking for realistic, immersive experiences from home, we are upping our game and transporting them off the couch. 7K promises to make all the existing content on the market look like the standard of ten years ago.”

The company has now switched to 7K filming for all its content, and will offer downscaled versions for lower specced headsets – which, for the time being, is most of them.

“7K will quickly become the new normal and industry standard, making VR porn even more real — perhaps more seemingly real than our own lives at this challenging time,” adds Rockett.

The content itself is more full-on than some other sites, but for those willing to indulge in some virtual fantasy, there’s bound to be something to please, all with insanely high picture quality.

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