If you’ve briefly browsed the wide (and ever growing) world of virtual reality (VR) pornography then you’ll probably already know that, unlike traditional porn, streaming quality rarely cuts it.

What can be a slightly compressed but perfectly acceptable viewing experience when a couple of feet away from a monitor, or squashed down onto your phone, turns into a bit of a nightmare when you get up close and personal in VR.

So if you, like me, can no longer abide by jaggy performers, then you might want a VR porn subscription something like VRTeenrs has to offer.


VRTeenrs is a simple, straightforward portal for you to download incredibly high quality VR videos, going up to 3840×1920 pixels (4K), which will certainly alleviate any concerns you have about people looking like they’ve been rendered on an original PlayStation.

There are more than [rwmb_meta meta_key=”vr_site_scn_ttl”]+ high quality VR videos available if you invest in a VRTeenrs subscription, and a few more perks, but whether or not that makes for good value is down to your use case and preferences. Check out the rest of our VRTeenrs review below before you hand over your cash!

VRTeenrs at a Glance

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VRTeenrs Review: Quick Rating

VRTeenrs Review $9.95+


Fetish fans won’t find much to their tastes here, but VRTeenrs has high-quality downloads, 60fps options for most videos, and an extended network of regular 2D porn, for those who are interested. Overall, it makes a decent value proposition if you’re in search of a teen niche site and non-VR porn, otherwise there are probably other alternatives you could check out.

  • Ease of Use
  • Catalog Size
  • VR Quality
  • Extras
  • Value
User Review
3 (2 votes)


  • High quality video downloads
  • 2D and 3D VR videos
  • Solid performer variety
  • Access to extra network of videos


  • Best for conventional tastes
  • No VR streaming option
  • VR content rarely updated
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VRTeenrs as a website is pretty straightforward. Upon joining up and logging in, you can look at their library of VR videos, which include a variety of stunning actresses. Looking at the thumbnails alone, it’s difficult to judge where to begin, honestly.

Once you find one you like and click on in, you’ll find a video player which will allow you to watch the video in a 2D, non-VR format – you have paid for this porn after all, it’s up to you how you want to watch it. This is a nice way to get a preview of what you’re looking at before you decide to commit to a download.

The site is nicely laid out so you immediately know where to find the VR videos you want, but what’s not immediately obvious is all the links to partnered sites. Even when logged in, VRTeenrs makes clear that it has livestreams and a network of more than 10,000 non-VR videos, but the livestreamed camgirls are not VR (a shame) and the SecretFriends network of videos is nice, but probably not your reason for signing up.

It would’ve been nice if VRTeenrs made it clearer from the outset which links led to their sister sites, because it certainly caused some confusion initially, and it’s easy to imagine some users finding it very distracting.

Still though, it doesn’t distract from the beauties there are in the videos, and their excellent VR performances – which of course, requires a slightly different approach than traditional pornography. From a tantalising tease with a ballerina, to being with two dominant ladies and sharing another woman with a, err, friend, VRTeenrs offers plenty to enjoy – from the perspective of a straight male, at least, since almost all videos feature a male POV actor.


  • Headsets Supported: [rwmb_meta meta_key=”vr_site_headsets”]

Earlier we mentioned downloads, and some of you might be dismayed to find that there’s no VR streaming option. As mentioned above, streaming quality is rarely the best experience anyway, but it would have been nice to have. Whether this is down to their own bandwidth allowance or they just didn’t want to offer an inferior way to view content is unknown, but you can still download the full clips. This just means browsing the catalog in a VR browser isn’t really the best way to go.

Your best option will likely be to download your VR videos – which are several GB each – on your PC and transfer them over to your desired device. Downloading has its perks though, of course not only are you going to get high quality video files – up to 3840×1920 at 60fps – but it also means those files are yours to keep. Even if your subscription with VRTeenrs runs out, you’ll still have access to any files you’ve already downloaded.

From this experience while using a Samsung Gear VR headset, it’s hard to recommend using the site with the headset directly. Viewing the content when downloaded in the VR Video app is absolutely fine, but navigating the site and picking and choosing while in VR isn’t the best way to browse through.

As a result of the need to download – and the large file sizes – don’t expect a lot of spontaneity during your VR sessions.


VRTeenrs is structured like most other subscriptions, meaning you pay monthly, and the relative monthly cost depends on how long you’re willing to commit. The six month option, in this case, makes no sense at all – it costs more than the annual option and lasts half as long.

  • 1 month for $29.95
  • 6 months for $119.70 ($19.95 each month)
  • 12 months for $119.40 ($9.95 each month)

The annual subscription is obviously the best value, but frankly, the little over [rwmb_meta meta_key=”vr_site_scn_ttl”]+ VR videos that are available on VRTeenrs are, sadly, not likely to last you that long, especially if you enjoy having variety in your spare time.

But, also as mentioned, since you can download and keep VR video files, you could, potentially, just subscribe for a month, and download as many as you like, and then not subscribe again afterwards.

However the real value is going to be found with the 10,000+ network of 2D porn videos, which will also be available to subscribers thanks to VRTeenrs’ sister network, SecretFriends.

Though, again, whether or not you find value in this will come down to whether or not you are interested in the library of non-VR pornography. This is hardly the primary reason for a subscription to a site called VRTeenrs, after all.


Ultimately, it’s a bit of a mixed bag with VRTeenrs.

When it comes to the VR content they offer, there’s some absolute quality in there, appeasing to more conventional tastes and offering high quality VR porn, with some wonderful performers, and hours of high resolution, smooth content.

It’s a mild annoyance that you must download the files, seeing as you’ll be sat waiting around for several minutes, even if you opt for the lowest video quality and have a pretty good download speed.

But it certainly won’t take you months to get through the library of VR content, and when it comes to the network of 10,000+ videos, well, they’re great if you’re not looking for VR video. You can watch those while waiting for your videos to download.

You will likely get a good amount of enjoyment and value out a single month’s subscription, especially if you keep the videos you download, but new VR content doesn’t seem to be added that regularly, meaning a long term subscription might not be as valuable to you as you’d like.

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