Sustained growth: ‘World’s hottest grandma’ turns back time with younger AI version of herself


An Australia-based creator known as the ‘world’s hottest grandma’ has had success with AI versions of her younger self, using the resulting content for professional publications and online promotion, highlighting how older models can extend their careers with AI.

Gina Stewart, 52, has worked with an artist to make an AI version of herself that is presented as aged 28. Earlier in 2023 her AI younger self appeared on the cover of Australian motoring magazine Autobabes, and her images are regularly posted on social media. Stewart has also released a paid-for AI chatbot version of herself: a move other successful influencers have made recently.

This year has seen the emergence of a slew of AI-generated fictional sexy female influencers, who interact with (largely male) fans online and tout for brand partnerships. Stewart’s AI adventures show how creators can potentially extend their careers by producing younger AI versions of themselves while still being their ‘real’ self elsewhere online.

Gina 3
She’ll never be allowed on Center Court with that unruly hair: The AI version of Gina Stewart

Stewart publishes content on Playboy’s recently re-launched creator platform, and has used OnlyFans in the past to publish explicit photos to her subscribers.

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She told MailOnline that the idea to create an AI version of her younger self was initially inspired by taking a break from posting photos on social media. “I was getting tired of setting up shots, hair, nails, makeup, clothing etc… I thought there must be a better way to work this if I needed a break.”

She added: “I looked into AI and collaborated with an incredible artist on Instagram. We used 1,000 real photos of myself from all angles and naked, trained a deep learning program through stable diffusion, and cloned me. Initially, it was a bit of fun, so I started posting the AI version of myself on social media as a replacement for myself every day for a month… people loved her, and support started flowing in.”

Gina 2
Only AI Gina is allowed to sit on this sofa while not wearing underpants

Other recent influencers’ attempts to ‘clone’ themselves with AI have tended to focus on chatbots rather than images and videos. Influencer such as Caryn Marjorie, Melissa Stratton and Amouranth have successfully launched paid-for chatbots allowing fans to chat to their AI counterpart via text and voice notes.

promptchan ai

Stewart using AI to turn back time, however, potentially opens up new avenues for creators of a certain vintage. It seems to be connecting – Stewart has 380,000 followers on Instagram and 73,000 on X.

“The beauty is I can sit on a beach in Malibu and create an AI model for a BMW campaign standing next to the car in front of the Eiffel Tower,” she told MailOnline. There’s no suggestion that BMW has actually approached her yet.

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