20 is a dating site for people that like an age gap

20 dating - site for people that like an age gap

In 2020, and particularly since the start of the pandemic we’ve seen some spectacularly niche dating apps launch.

We’ve had dog lovers, cat lovers, small penises, astrology believers, heck, there’s even rumors that a recent spoof Tesla dating app is going to become the real deal.

The latest entrant to the market deals more in demographics, for those looking for someone either much older or younger than themself.

20 Dating only matches users with people who are at least 20 years apart from the other.

The app is meant to reduce the stigma of those who are a generation apart from their partner – less “cougar”, “toy boy”, “sugar daddy” and so on – more ‘these two work together’.

Although billed as a dating app, platonic relationships with age gaps are also actively encouraged.

Currently, there is a 66/32/2 split between male, female, and transgender users, and all are listed by age, not by date of birth, which is also good for protecting security.

The app is the latest from serial dating app designer David Minns, who also launched Dinky One, its gargantuan sister site Big One, and trans-specializing Butterfl -, so somewhat carving out a niche of his own for speciality dating.

As with all Minns’ sites, there’s an emphasis on safety features, as well as a fully-functioning chat portal which you can use straight away, without having to go through all that palaver of matching and swiping.

Minns told Metro UK that “trying to connect with someone more than 20 years older/younger on a product like Tinder or Bumble is at best going to end up with a lot of rejection, but more likely a barrage of abuse with replies like, ‘You’re old enough to be my dad!‘. ‘Everyone knows where they stand on 20 [Dating] and you cannot even take a sneaky look at someone with a 19-year gap. It’s like being socially distanced by 20 years.’

20 Dating is available now at 20.dating (and it works well on mobile too). Needless to say, whenever you’re online dating, do pay attention to the security features and ‘best practices’.

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