Niche dating craze continues with apps for dog and cat lovers, and people that want kids

tabby dating

2020 has seen online dating really coming of age, and along with it a glut of heavily targeted apps aimed at people with some quite particular requirements.

With astrology, vegan and gamer dating already covered off, next up is ‘Tabby’ which, as the name suggests, is aimed at cat lovers and those who have a good supply of anti-allergy medicine.

Created by sisters, Leigh and Casy Isaacson, the app won’t just offer to unite cat lovers, but will also offer deals from cat supply companies, so you can pamper Kitty as you flirt.

Tabby launches on August 8 – which just happens to be International Cat Day.

The only problem with this idea? A recent study conducted by Colorado State University found, is that women are more likely to swipe left on images of men holding cats – which is slightly awkward.

Of course, where there are cats, dogs will chase – and there’s also a new dating app for dog lovers too. ‘Dig’ is the sister site to Tabby and offers to match doggy people with like-minded love interests, as well as offer suggestions for perfect venues for your debut doggie dates. And yes, dog owners get deals too.

So we’ve done dogs, and we’ve done cats. What other dumb animals do we let into our homes?

Ah yes. Kids.


HeyBaby is a dating app aimed at people with kids, people who want kids, and people who don’t mind other people’s kids.

Created by Chas McFeely, Diko Daghlian and Rene Van De Zande, all Dads themselves, the app should filter out anyone who is just looking for a hookup – once there’s kids in the equation, you know you’re talking about a real relationship.

To begin, it’s only available to iOS users in the Bay Area, but will expand to the rest of the US later in the year.

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