Amorus is a pro-sexting messaging app that turns nudes into jigsaw puzzles

amorus app

A new messaging app designed for sexting, complete with custom sexting-related emojis and nude photo-related games, is now available to download on Android and iOS-based devices.

Amorus, created by the company Creative Banter Inc, is billed as an “intimacy app for partners”, with messages sent between users on the app encrypted. The makers say the app is designed to allow users to “share intimate desires within healthy boundaries”.

The design of Amorus looks similar to the messaging functions on dating apps such as Tinder and Bumble, but there are no search, swipe or match functions on the app. Users start chats by sending a private link to someone, which they can then click through to begin a private messaging session.

The main functionality of the app is based on simple messaging and photo sharing, i.e. stuff you can do already over text message or messaging apps like WhatsApp or Line. Amorus, however, is attempting to carve a niche by basing the app around the idea that those who use it are up for some kind of couple-related messaging.

The makers are careful to tell users that the app should not be used as a dick pic free-for-all. Before activating the app users must agree to the statement: “I know that sexual communication involves intimacy, sharing and vulnerability. I will remember this in my chats and treat my partners with respect and compassion.”

Users must also agree to not share anything externally from messages in the app, without the explicit consent of the person who posted the content.

Some emojis available in the app have been designed to encourage more sexting, such as a smiling face with flaming eyes. Others are designed to show a messaging partner that they need to de-escalate their sexting. The app makers say that using a yellow triangle ‘yield’ sign emoji means “that’s not my jam but keep trying”.

You can also play a jigsaw-based photo game with their messaging partner, by submitting a photo (perhaps even a nude one) that is then converted into a jigsaw puzzle for your messaging partner to solve, revealing the correctly-aligned image.

The makers say the app is targeted at people in relationships of every stage, “new flames, old flames, casual, serious and everything in-between.”

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The MŌN App

Another sex-positive app to recently launch is MŌN. Using functionality similar to Clubhouse, it’s billed as “the first and only social audio app designed for the sex-positive community”.

The app, designed for iPhone use, allows users to enter discussion rooms and take part in sex-positive debates on subjects such as masturbation and open relationships, and to start their own discussion rooms.

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