Feeld review: a dating app that delivers for the kink community

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Feeld is a hook-up and dating app designed for sex-positive people of all persuasions. Swingers and polyamorous people proliferate here, alongside those who identify as ‘heteroflexible’ or ‘pansexual.’

It strives to be an enlightened space with many profiles scarcely mentioning their sexual preferences, instead highlighting their lifestyle and intellectual interests. It tends to attract a higher than average number of artsy, left-leaning, intellectual types. The word sapiosexual gets bandied around a lot and many profiles stipulate ‘no Tories’, so if you match, be prepared to discuss intersectional feminism, philosophy or post-capitalist politics just as frequently as your sexual fantasies.

A passing knowledge of BDSM acronyms is helpful when navigating profiles on Feeld, with users frequently uploading the results of their BDSM test score alongside profile pictures.

Users vary from people who are ‘new to this’, or ‘just browsing’ through to sex party scene veterans. For the most part, users seem genuine. The app has done a decent job at weeding out would-be scammers and commercially motivated users.

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PLEASE NOTE: Dating apps are hugely subjective. Your ‘success’ and overall experience are likely to vary hugely from person-to-person. For our dating app reviews, we’ve tried to include as much objective information as possible, from reviewers who have used the Free and Premium features of each service. Where possible, we also include comments from the actual people reviewers meet via these apps, to try and get a balanced viewpoint from both sides.

Feeld: Key features

The app’s most innovative feature is its provision of ‘cores’. You can choose to join your local geographical core (by nearest city) or, in a move prompted by the pandemic, they can join one of several non-geographical cores called ‘Staying at Home’ and ‘Fantasy Bunker’ where they can browse profiles and match with like-minded people from all over the world. The app is genuinely global too. I matched with users in Russia, Australia, the US, Ghana, Chile, India, Portugal, and Brazil.

Feeld's Core feature sets it apart.
Feeld’s Core feature sets it apart from other dating apps.

Best of all, you can choose to flick from core to core, which is useful if you exhaust the users in your chosen area.


Feeld has a clean, sober, minimalist design, with fonts and design features that bring a distinctly contemporary feel. There’s just one standard scrolling interface with subtle buttons for like/unlike, ‘ping’ and report. The colour palette is of subtle white, greys and reds.


You can upload up to six profile pictures, including several which are only displayed to matches for premium users, which is a nice touch for anyone concerned with privacy.

One of the most promising features is the unusually long word count allows for profile blurbs of up to 1,500 characters. Some users take full advantage of this, while others upload nothing but their age, location and one picture.

Feeld profile

There are separate sections for desires and interests, which are based on keywords. You can also choose to ‘pair your profile’ with your partner, if you have one, on the app.


Filtering options are a little limited; only age, location and gender options are available. That last one however opens up a range of options with at least 20 variants to choose between.

Premium users, however, can also filter by desires and interests.


Messaging works well for the most part, aside from the odd connectivity issue. As well as sending regular pictures via your device or the native app camera, you can also send time sensitive ones that disappear after 10 seconds, which brings a certain frisson to proceedings. Video and GIFs aren’t currently supported, but there is the option to host group chats, in a nod to the app’s poly userbase.

Feeld messaging

Finally, should a connection make you feel uncomfortable or simply bore you, you can very easily disconnect from them and leave the chat thread.


  • Free (limited filters, daily likes, etc.)
  • £14.99 for 30 days
  • £29.99 for 90 days
  • £89.99 for 365 days

Feeld is free to use, but its premium service is called Majestic. Feeld Majestic users can see the profiles of users who’ve liked them, go incognito, send unlimited daily likes, upload private photos reserved for matches, and see when a user was last online.

Feeld membership

They can also send one ‘ping’ per day, which jumps the ‘likes’ queue. Regular users can purchase pings from £1.99 each.


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