German audio erotica app Femtasy is now available in English

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Femtasy, a formerly German language-only explicit audio stories app is now available in English in beta form as a Web app.

Parent company Pink Internet originally launched Femtasy in 2018, with content for German speaking audiences, primarily residing in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. Now, it can sit in the English-speaking global market, alongside other sexual wellness audio apps such as Dipsea, Emjoy and Ferly.

On the English beta, Femtasy currently offers more than 150 erotic audio recordings, with new ones uploaded weekly. You can filter from a range of voices, desires and intensities. The web app offers 20 voices reading in English, and listeners can help to find the next voice by listening to teasers of new applicants, with a range of accents, and voting for who they like.

As a sensual alternative to visual porn, and beneficial for the visually impaired, co-founder Nina Julie explains that she wanted the app to create a “mental cinema” with its imaginative stories. It prides itself on diverse content, opening the floor to anyone for writing and voice acting opportunities on the app – perhaps a creative’s dream come true for times in isolation.

Subscriptions cost €5.99 for a 24-hour pass to view all the content. Currently, that payment is being billed in Euros – but not for long. Pink Internet says will be laying out support for users to pay in USD and GBP over the next couple of weeks.

Commitment phobe? You and me both.

Before you subscribe, there is plenty of opportunity to sample the content and the actors with preview sound bites. Or, there’s a seven-day free trial if you choose the monthly (€12.99) or yearly (€84.99) pass.

Why a web app instead of native iOS or Android?

Femtasy says that its “modern and fluid Web interface…doesn’t burden the memory of your smartphone”, or bother you with updates. The company also reminds users, however, that the Web app can still be added to your home screen for ease.

  • For iPhone: Click on the “Share” button in your browser and select “Add to home screen”.
  • For Android: Click on the three dots in your browser to open the menu, and select “Add to home screen”.

When creating its 1,000+ stories with its 50+ actors for the German version, the company says it spoke to 1500 cis women about the broad topic of female sexuality.

As the English web app is still in beta, Femtasy continues to collect feedback from beta testers via its Facebook testing group.

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Oli Lipski

Oli Lipski

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