Snapping selfies doesn’t have to be restricted to your time on dry land any longer with the YoCam Waterproof Camera, and for the next six days, you can get 20 percent off the normal retail price.

OK, so it’s safe at depths of up to 20 feet (making it good for the pool or underwater photography anywhere), but it’s just as likely STG readers might get some use out of the YoCam in the shower or bathtub too.


Key features include,

  • Waterproof in up to 20 feet of water
  • Minimizes shakiness even during the most strenuous physical activity
  • Works as the perfect selfie cam
  • Designed to be small and ergonomic
  • Connects anywhere around the world via P2P connection
  • Includes an app with features like camera control, story generator, live preview, video editing, social media sharing and more.

It’s certainly not too big either, at just 3.3″ x 1.2″x 0.8″ and less than 2 oz in weight.

The camera has an 8-megapixel sensor and a wide f2.0 aperture lens. It also has essential features like image stabilization, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth and support for recording at 1080p.

On a full charge, you can record continuously on the highest settings for two hours.

And, just for kicks, it’ll work with any Android or iPhone. Handy!

Don’t miss out, get the YoCam waterproof camera now from Stack Social for $179.


If you’d rather have a white version instead of a black model, that’s currently available at the same price too! The sale ends on Sunday though, so don’t hang around.

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