$70 Hot Octopuss JETT uses ‘treble’ and ‘bass’ bullets to deliver a hands-free orgasm


Hot Octopuss has launched the Jett, the newest in its line of ‘Guybrator’ toys.

Following the success of the Pulse, Hot Octopuss is back with another sex toy for penises – except this time its worn against the frenulum – just below the tip of the penis. It can put on while flaccid or erect due to its stretchy flexible sleeve construction.

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At the bottom of that sleeve are slots for two bullet vibrators, each of which has been designed to deliver different ranges of vibration frequency.

“We’re proud that after many years’ work, we’ve perfected Treble and Bass Technology, an idea we had right back when we launched Pulse in 2013. Jett gives the customer the opportunity to customise the strength and frequency of the vibrations they receive for a truly custom experience,” the company’s CEO (and designer of the Jett) Adam Lewis, said in a statement.

Unlike other sextech devices aimed at men, and some other Hot Octopuss products, the Jett doesn’t come with a slightly prohibitive retail price – $69 in the US, £49.99 in the UK and €49 in Europe.

And why was this launched just one day after Valentine’s Day?

“We don’t see JETT as a Valentine’s Day product but suspect that lots of people will be up for some self-love after the event!” Hot Octopus COO Julia Margo told SEXTECHGUIDE.

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