Fleshlight debuts automatic Universal Launch stroker, its Kiiroo Keon competitor

Fleshlight Universal Launch

The company that owns Fleshlight has announced the release of a new automatic stroker toy that’s compatible with almost all of the company’s standard and porn star-branded sleeves.

Similarly to the Quickshot Launch, there’s no interactivity provided by the device, but it will move up and down at a rate of up to 250 strokes per minute. In fact, it’s probably fair to say the Fleshlight Universal Launch is a light reworking of the Quickshot Launch, to allow it to accommodate most Fleshlights, rather than just the Quickshot Vantage version.

Fleshlight Universal Launch has clasp system
Fleshlight Universal Launch has clasp system that allows it to accommodate most Fleshlight toys.

It also has the same basic ‘open’ design, allowing you to see the stroker moving. There’s also still a smartphone holder at the top of the device for easy viewing, and the battery should last for around 60 minutes, depending on the speed you use. Unlike some other toys, you can use the Universal Launch while it’s plugged in charging still too.

The stinger, perhaps, is that the Universal Launch costs $199.95, but this does not include a Fleshlight. For comparison, the Kiiroo Keon costs $249.95 but does include a stroker.

Fleshlight Universal Launch is rechargeable, and can also be used plugged in.
Fleshlight Universal Launch is rechargeable, and can also be used plugged in.

Beyond the features

Back in the days before the Fleshlight Launch was discontinued and Kiiroo struck out on its own in direct competition with Interactive Life Forms (ILF — the company that owns the Fleshlight and Fleshjack brands), the Fleshlight Launch was easily the best device we’d reviewed at the time.

Now, that picture is a little more complicated, and Kiiroo has its own sync-capable Keon device (and range of porn star sleeves), leaving Fleshlight to go it alone in the automatic stroker category. Fleshlight, of course, already had its own extensive range of sleeves — therein lay the appeal for many buyers, which then converted some to Fleshlight Launch owners, which helped Kiiroo.

In short, Kiiroo’s expertise was the technology, where Fleshlight’s was its range of manual toys. Combining the two gave as close to the ‘best of both worlds’ as possible at the time. Now, Fleshlight would have a significant challenge on its hands, if it wanted to offer devices with as many features as Kiiroo’s Keon or Onyx+, for example. Doing so from a standing start without significantly increasing the cost of the resulting products would be even harder.

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