Toy maker Kiiroo has announced the Keon, a smart male masturbator capable of syncing with other devices and interactive porn.

The Keon’s housing is designed for the company’s RealFeel Stroker – much like a Fleshlight, though there’s no suggestion of Fleshlight’s involvement with this product.

At full speed, the Keon will reach a 230 strokes a minute (that’s nearly 4 a second!), and the imposing black cylinder is capable of connecting with 2D and VR content from a range of adult sites, as well as interactive webcams – both professional, and consumer, making it an ideal addition to long-distance relationships. Kiiroo will even sell you a VR starter kit, if you’re a noob to such solo carnal delights.

Clocking in at a not insubstantial 1.1kg (add about another 0.8kg for the stroker  – making the whole thing weigh about the same as your laptop), it comes with a 16.8v 700mAh rechargeable battery. A four-hour charge will give you between 30 -180 minutes of action, depending on what mode and speeds you are using.

The Keon is a spiritual successor to the now-discontinued Fleshlight Launch, and appears to be taking Kiiroo’s design fully in-house, paired as it is with its first stroker sleeve, the Realfeel Stroker.

The Keon/RealFeel Stroker combo is available from today directly from Kiiroo, clocking in at $249. The stroker is also available separately for $69 – but there’s doesn’t appear to be an option to buy Keon on its own currently. The stroker can be used with or without the Keon though.

Alongside the launch of the Kiiroo Keon, the company also announced an update to its FeelConnect apps (used for all its interactive devices), that brings in some new features, such as the ability to make video calls, as well as fixing a few bugs in the previous version.

We’ll be offering up a full review in the coming days, so stay tuned. Limited availability shipping for people that pre-order a device will begin from October 9, Kiiroo says.

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