ExpiredLelo adds Cruise Control to its dual-stim Enigma vibrator

Lelo adds Cruise Control to its dual-stim Enigma vibrator
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Like its predecessor ENIGMA™, it's made to induce a blended G-spot and clitoral orgasm - the holy grail of all sexual pursuits. Afterward, anything less feels like something is missing. That's why ENIGMA™ Cruise features Cruise Control™ technology that ensures no drop in intensity when you press it hard against the body for an intense, deep release.

Lelo, the Swedish high-end sex toy company, has released a sequel device to its popular dual-action Enigma vibrator, which won plaudits for its vibration and sonic massage combination.

The new Enigma Cruise vibrator retails at $219 (£189 in the UK), placing it firmly at the luxury end of the sex toy market. The most significant new function in the upgraded Enigma is one it takes its name from: a ‘cruise control’ function that increases vibration intensity when the device is pressed hard against the body.

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Lelo claimed that the most common complaint users had about vibrators was that their intensity drops off when they are pressed against the body. To counteract this the Enigma Cruise (like the rest of Lelo’s Cruise-equipped toys) reserves 20 percent of its motor’s power, drawing upon it automatically when the device senses it is being pushed hard against your body, so there is no reduction in motor power intensity.

Like the original Enigma, the Enigma Cruise features an internal stimulator section designed to pleasure the G-spot, plus a stimulator section designed to pleasure the clitoris.

The latter emits sonic waves that stimulate the clitoris without having direct contact with it, in what Lelo calls a “fast and gentle” manner.

The new model shows off the typically sleek, high-end minimalist design Lelo is known for. With the new model update addressing a recognised problem in many vibrators, it is likely to be well-received.

The Enigma Cruise is 185mm long at its longest section, with its insertable section measuring 140mm long. The device weighs 196g and is available in two colours: deep rose and black. It is constructed from body-safe silicone and ABS plastic and can be used for up to two hours between charges.

2022 has been a busy year for Lelo releases. The company recently launched an update of its Tiani sex toy range, featuring the couple’s stimulating device the Tiani Duo.

Also earlier in 2022, Lelo collaborated with clothes brand Diesel to have the fashion label place its branding on some existing Lelo sex toys.

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Lelo adds Cruise Control to its dual-stim Enigma vibrator
Lelo adds Cruise Control to its dual-stim Enigma vibrator
$186.15 $219.00

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