The Whisperer is a clitoris vibe for new mothers who want gentle vibrations

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A new lipstick-style vibrator marketed at new mothers has been launched by Smile Makers, in collaboration with the Mumsnet website and forum.

The Whisperer, so-named because the company claims it is “super silent” (potentially handy for use in busy family households), is billed as a clitoral vibe with gentle vibration settings, for people who want less intense stimulation. This could appeal to people recovering from giving birth, with The Whisperer reportedly designed to cater for contact with scar tissue and heightened sensitivity.

The device, which is priced at $40 so lies towards the budget end of the vibrator market, is billed as a “beginner” sex toy, has three speed settings and two pulsation modes.

Whisperer 3
The Whisperer is ready for its close-up

It is designed to be placed on the clitoris from above, so does not rely on penetration: another potential selling point for new mothers, some of whom may not be keen for penetration soon after childbirth.

With plenty of similarly-style clitoris-focused sextech products on the market, there isn’t anything particularly novel about The Whisperer’s design, aside from its focus on gentle stimulation. Still, it’s good to see sextech companies acknowledging the needs that some have post-childbirth.

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The Whisperer sex toy was created after feedback from Mumsnet users suggested that some women felt that they were simply acting as a “vessel for their child’s needs” and that their own desires were not being prioritized.

The Whisperer stands to attention

Smile Makers said that The Whisperer was designed to aid “taboo -breaking conversations about resuming sexual activity after birth”, but could also be effective for people who had abstained from sex for a while for reasons other than having children.

The company said that the product was “something for all vulva-owners that experience a pause in pleasure throughout life”.

Of course, in a different scenario, a somewhat lesser-powered vibrator could be a bit of a let-down, if you prefer the stronger vibes, but it’s good that there are options being created for new mothers.

The Whisperer
The Whisperer is a clitoris vibe for new mothers who want gentle vibrations
$40 RRP at time of release.

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