Industry focus: Adult affiliate program EpochStats is closing


[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]EpochStats, the affiliate portal that grew as an off-shoot of the payment provider Epoch, is slowly winding down its operations following a lack of investment in the platform, leaving some adult affiliate programs to migrate to other networks or build their own platforms.

The stated reason for the closure of EpochStats is a dwindling interest in a platform that no longer offers many of the features now common in affiliate programs. The slow phasing out of EpochStats will have no effect at all on the Epoch payments service, which will continue to operate in the same way it does now, a company spokesperson confirmed to SEXTECHGUIDE.

“Epoch will continue as normal as a Processing Company. EpochStats was simply an affiliate program that was created, but our core has and will always be the e-Commerce billing aspect,” the company said.

Companies that had previously been using EpochStats have known about the closure for some time, giving them time to find alternative arrangements. One such company is the VRBangers network (disclosure: SEXTECHGUIDE is a member of the VRBangers affiliate program, along with many others), which instead of opting for the widely used NATS platform, had instead decided to build its own internal version, called VRBCash.

“As a tech company we always strive to bring something new to the table and that’s the reason why we built our very own affiliate platform vs going with the other guys,” VRBangers CEO Daniel Abramovitch told SEXTECHGUIDE.

“We can add new features for affiliates when they want, all our content is uploaded to the system automatically and the interface is just like an iPhone, Easy to use! I really want affiliates to feel comfortable with our platform and to be able to send to any page, customize links and get all the features they need. We’re already getting a lot of feedback from affiliates about many things that they want to add so every request is being put on the task list and getting done as we speak.”

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