Bliss is a dedicated transition savings app for the trans community

Solace Bliss LGBT Fund

A new kind of savings scheme, aimed at the transgender community, is hoping to make it easier for people saving cash reach their transition goals.

‘Bliss’ comes from the team behind Solace, the crowdfunded mobile app offering help and support to transgender users at any stage, and trans-news aggregator Respite.

Bliss will let you set savings goals based on what procedures you are saving for, how much you want to put away each week or month, and how much risk you are willing to accept in your investments.

Everything deposited goes into a mutual fund made up of a “Rainbow index of public companies with strong commitments to LGBT equality”, the company says – showing that your ethics are as valuable as your money, and guaranteeing that you’re not inadvertently funding a company that won’t stand with you.

Bliss will be completely free to use, with no commission, no subscriptions and no micro-payments (in-app purchases) down the line.

Co-founders, Robbi Katherine Anthony and Patrick McHugh, have made clear that their goals are around supporting the community, ahead of making a profit, and as such, these apps will be offered completely free of charge forever “because tools like this are too important to ever hide behind a paywall”.

Earlier this year, the US Supreme Court ruled that anti-discrimination laws could – and should – be applied to transgender citizens in the same way as anyone else, which could make a huge difference to anyone who wants to transition, but previously feared retaliation, prejudice and even the loss of their home or job.

With the growing acceptance of the non-binary community in society, Solace and Bliss provide tools which represent a brighter future for those seeking to live the life they want to lead.

Solace is available for Android and Apple now. Bliss will launch later this year.

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