Adult cam site CamSoda [NSFW] has introduced a novel way to get maximum buzz from the Super Bowl this weekend with its SuperCast app, which rewards fans with sexy vibrations when their team scores a touchdown.

To take part, simply connect your Lovense sex toy to the SuperCast, log on, pick a side (in case you don’t already know, it’s the New England Patriots vs the Los Angeles Rams) and wait for the action to unfold, hopefully delivering some sweet vibrations your way.

The SuperCast game is based on a typical Fantasy Football system, but instead of notional ‘points’ being awarded for key events in the live game, the user is rewarded with varying levels of vibrations from their connected sex toy.

These are not limited to touchdowns but also smaller in-game wins too, such as yards gained, receptions and even fumble recoveries. Of course if your team scores big, then so will you, with the biggest sensations awarded for touchdowns.

This service should certainly make Super Bowl Sunday a little more interesting for those who tend to glaze over at the mere mention of ‘buttonhooks’, ‘squib kicks’ and ‘Hail Marys.’

CamSoda has delivered similar ‘cast’ experiences before, such as its ‘BitCast‘ in December 2017, which sought to spice up cryptocurrency some by gamifying the volatile fluctuations of the bitcoin market. It has also had no qualms experimenting with adult VR within the camming realm too.

So are you rooting for the Rams or will they be rooting for you?

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