CamSoda ensures that all US midterm voters might well get screwed today

Pollcast Camsoda

How are you keeping tabs on who’s winning in today’s US midterm elections? Perhaps you’ve got one eye on Twitter and another on the television. Maybe you’ve decided to stay away until the final results are announced later on.

Adult entertainment platform CamSoda [v NSFW] is offering an alternative way to stay up to date (while still keeping one eye on your smartphone). Pollcast is a platform where you can track the result of the midterms via the frequency of vibrations sent to your smart sex toy, which correlate to the results as they roll in.

midterm elections CamSoda

CamSoda users with connected Lovense toys (the female ‘Nora’ vibrator and male ‘Max’ masturbator) can choose which race they want to follow – the US House of Representatives or the US Senate elections.

After selecting a party (Democrat and Republican only), the platform then tracks results from the election in real-time, emitting vibrations according to the election success. For every race that a candidate in the selected party has won, the connected sex toy will vibrate one time per minute. So, for example, if the Democrats are winning or won 250 House races and the user selected ‘House’ and ‘Democrat,’ their connected device will vibrate 250 times per minute.

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Users will also have an option to select ‘Get Screwed by the Election’, which will sync vibrations to the results of the opposite party.

Pollcast is the follow up to CamSoda’s launch of BiCast, which used the same underlying tech to sync connected sex toys to the fluctuating prices of cryptocurrencies.

CamSoda isn’t afraid to push the boundaries of how people use sextech: whether it’s brushing up on your French through personal language lessons with camgirls or logging into the app with your penis, nothing seems to be off the table.

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