If you’re an adult performer or model on Chaturbate (NSFW link), searching for ways to get a few extra tips out of visitors to your room is a neverending task. However, a new PanCam feature previously trialled by the platform is now available to anyone that wants to use it. Sort of.

While the option of offering viewers control of your camera is sure to be one that drives tips, PanCam requires a fairly specific camera setup at the moment. The software you need to download to use it is available for both Mac and PC though.

In order to offer the option to viewers in your room, broadcasters need to either have a Logitech PTZ Pro or a Logitech BCC950. The former is currently on Amazon US for just under $800, while the latter is just a few cents over $200.

If you’re a broadcaster that does have one of those cameras, then you’ll need to download the desktop software – just remember not to use the remote control function on your camera manually, otherwise it’ll go out of sync with your PanCam settings.

If you don’t have either of those, and aren’t already making plans to go and buy one, then you’re out of luck for now and won’t be able to offer this feature to visitors in your room. We’ll let you know when device support is updated though.

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