Facebook drops low-end Oculus Go VR headset to focus on more capable models

Oculus Go Dropped

Facebook is following Google out of the entry-level VR market, with the withdrawal of the Oculus Go headset.

The budget device will be taken off sale once stocks are exhausted, and although the company has promised to continue with firmware updates through 2022, it will no longer accept new apps for the Go from December this year.

The Oculus Go has been a hit with VR porn viewers, thanks to its low price and reasonable performance, but Facebook has said that, following positive reaction to the newer Oculus Quest, which can track full body (6DoF – 6 Degrees of Freedom) movement, not just head angle (3DoF), the tech giant says it has decided to go ‘all in’ on 6DoF.

Because the Oculus Go omits many of the features that have become standard in VR in the years since its release, it seems to send out a very limited advert for immersive content, and yet will have been many users’ first experience, and a solid one for watching VR porn at that.

Users will be nudged towards the Quest, but warns that all its products are in intermittent stock, owing to supply chain difficulties caused by the current world situation. The Rift S will remain a current product too.

However, although the experience of these more advanced headsets will be vastly superior to the Oculus Go, it also involves parting with twice the money (around $400 instead of $200) and so may see some potential casual users opt not to dip their toe into VR at all, which seems a shame.

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