FeelXVideos now supports TheHandy interactive toy for synced fun

FeelXVideos adds support for TheHandy

FeelXVideos has added support for TheHandy, providing a new way for users to interactive with content on the site.

Until now, FeelXVideos has largely focused its efforts on integrating support for Kiiroo devices — the Fleshlight Launch, Kiiroo Keon, etc. — which has made sense, as they’re the most commonly bought interactive devices for people with a penis (Kiiroo makes toys for people with a vulva too, but We-Vibe’s interactive toys tend to be a little more popular with users).

However, with Kiiroo discontinuing the Fleshlight Launch, and some users wanting an alternative to Kiiroo’s range of products, the site now supports TheHandy, which uses a far more flexible sleeve that’s attached to the outside of the device rather than sat in the middle. The company says it’s capable of a [somewhat terrifying, potentially] 600 strokes per minute.


The partnership between the two companies means that TheHandy’s users now have a far easier way to watch interactive porn on-demand — there are more than 2,200 scenes (in up to 4K) available to stream interactively, and in our earlier review of FeelXVideos we had no usability or streaming issues.

It’s perhaps worth noting that the oldest scenes on the site max out at between 720p and 1080p, but that shouldn’t be very surprising, since it has been offering the service since 2015, when those were standard resolutions. Newer scenes are 4K.

If you already have a Kiiroo interactive toy, it’s also worth noting that TheHandy connects in a different way (via WiFi directly) rather than via Bluetooth.

As a special offer, FeelXVideos and TheHandy have teamed up to offer two special offers to users of the site who buy a device. The first is 30 days for $0.01, and the second is a lifetime 50 percent discount, making it $14.99 per month instead of $29.99. To make use of either of these offers, you’ll need to enter a code at checkout, and these codes are available inside the retail packaging of sold Handy units.

If you plan on subscribing in the long-term, it still works out cheaper to just stump for a year up-front though — at $120 for 12 months, a $10 per month equivalent. Or perhaps you want to be smart and combine two of those options — grabbing 30 days for $0.01 to try it out, cancelling before the end of the period, and then buying a year subscription.

The company did tell us that existing owners of TheHandy will also be able to get a code too, so they can test out the platform, and that there are a lot of functionality updates in the works already.

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