Improve your maker skills at home via virtual sextech hackathon

Rainbow's End Hackathon

Want to try out making sextech for yourself? On January 23-24, you can join a team of expert makers for a virtual sextech hackathon on Zoom.

The two-day online event will be a opportunity to learn about sextech, get hands-on with intimate technologies from a maker perspective and turn your ideas into a prototype.

Expert mentors will present live demos and tutorials from Utrecht in the Netherlands to help attendees build knowledge of the tech within sextech. 

The event is open to everyone, with no previous skills necessary. Artists, academics and technologists are encouraged to apply.

“This is an opportunity to get hands-on and physical through live demonstrations and tutorials aimed to help beginners and experts alike through the prototyping process. Ahead of the event we will provide educational resources, networking opportunities and a list of materials to order to make sure everyone feels prepared,” Alice Stewart, founder of Touchy Feely Tech who is hosting the event in conjunction with Creative Coding Utrecht and Creative Coding Amsterdam, told SEXTECHGUIDE.

The DIY hacking community has previously expressed hostility within the scene towards sextech products, with many makers not wanting want to advertise their adult projects as much as their “family-friendly” ones. Saying that, there is definitely a movement within the DIY hacking space that welcomes and encourages tech of a sexual nature.

Organizers say the event will explore themes including intimacy in the digital age, non-binary design approaches, embodiment, decolonizing sexual health, and modern approaches to sex education.

Participation costs $36.80 (€30) and $18.40 (€15) for students, including shipping costs (all you need for the hackathon will be sent to you by post). 

The hackathon will take place on Saturday (9:30-18:00 CET). The next day, participants will pitch their designs and share and reflect on the making of their projects.

In-person hackathons have been forced to go virtual this year (along with everything else). Last year’s HackOut event in the US encouraged LGBTQIA+ makers to build new sextech products. The event followed a similar model, also featuring workshops and classes to build knowledge and spark inspiration for prototypes.

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