Morari promises a solution to premature ejaculation, at $25 a pop

Morari Medical has shown off its wearable single-use device, which is designed to help people suffering from premature ejaculation.
Morari Premature Ejaculation Patch

CES2020 has showcased some innovative new sextech already this year, with new devices from OhMiBod, Lioness, and Lora DiCarlo, to name just three.

Morari Medical is also in attendance at the show, with what can possibly best be described as a gooch (or taint) bandage, which the company says can help with premature ejaculation problems.

The bandaid-like device has a battery that connects to electrodes, which send “mild electrical impulses” to the area. Morari CEO Jeff Bennett says the device stimulates, as well as confuses, the nervous system simultaneously to delay premature male ejaculation during intercourse.

This is one of the few products on display at CES that address the needs of people with a penis during sexual encounters, as anatomically realistic devices are still not allowed at the show. Accompanied by an app, the device is slated to go on sale by mid-2021, and will cost $25 each. 

Hoping to create an interactive experience, sexual partners can control the device’s sensitivity via a smartphone. In theory, this gives them the power to control when their partner ejaculates with manipulation of the device’s sensitivity.

As of now, there is no widespread evidence to suggest the technology can make a difference, other than five test subjects the founder says “all reported positive results.”

The new one-time wearable remains nameless, for now.

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