MysteryVibe Poco is a wearable smart bullet version of the bendy Crescendo

Poco Bendable Smart Bullet

At IFA 2019 in Berlin, the third and latest of MysteryVibe’s collection was announced. Poco is a smart bendable bullet vibrator that can also be shaped into a wearable sex toy.

Still in it’s prototype stage, it likely won’t be released until January 2020 according to the CEO, Soumyadip Rakshit. Poco makes use of the company’s former research with the Crescendo’s bendable design, which has resulted in an uncannily finger-like appearance.

Though it doesn’t look long enough to support G-Spot stimulation, as the Crescendo is built to do, the bendable vibrator is to allow people with all genitalia to experiment with the shape. MysteryVibe’s Head of Innovation, Dominnique Karetsos, adds that this also allows for coupled use, offering hands-free stimulation during sex.

Poco holds just to two vibrating motors, down from the Crescendo’s six, with, perhaps over indulgently, 16 intensity levels, and eight preset patterns. Just like Crescendo and Tenuto, you can also customize Poco’s vibrations via the Mystery App on your smart device.

Poco MysteryVibe Bendy Bullet

Retailing at €80, the Poco charges via USB and claimed battery life of one hour while in use – this is compared to the two hours and wireless charging the Crescendo offers, but again, it’s still in prototype stage.

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