MysteryVibe’s working on a new smart sex toy, and this time it’s for men 477

MysteryVibe, maker of the Crescendo flexible vibrator, is edging closer to launching its new – and first – product aimed at men, though no one’s spilling the beans on the naming just yet.

The company says the product has been in development for 18 months already, and is now at the point of external testing ahead of an expected launch later this year.

“With adjustable sizing, it can be worn for the duration of play. Its powerful, rumbly vibrations stimulate the perineum, penis and underside of the shaft to enhance your experience during solo play and sex,” MysteryVibe said in an email.

Given that mention of “rumbly vibrations” and the company’s existing expertise with allowing users to create their own vibration patterns on the Crescendo, we’d guess that option will play a fairly significant part of the new toy, though we’ll have to wait for an official announcement to find out for sure.

At this stage, the company is seeking a handful of external testers (no experience with sex toys necessary, as professional feedback is also being taken into account too) before taking it to market.

MysteryVibe’s founder, Stephanie Alys, told SEXTECHGUIDE that a pre-order campaign for the new product will launch “in the coming weeks.”

If you’re interested in being in the group of early testers, you’ll need to hit up this link for a chance of making it in.

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