Nutaku Desktop Client

After launching a native Android Store last month, Nutaku has just released its Desktop Client for a direct online adult gaming experience. Available only on PCs with Microsoft Windows, the company has announced it has no current plans to release on other platforms.

The Nutaku Desktop Client updates your games automatically, ensuring they’re always up-to-date. Along with the usual library features, you can follow Nutaku’s news and events to spot any upcoming new games you want to try out.

Nutaku Desktop CLient 2

Where the Android version is a cut-down version of the Nutaku library, with only 30 games at launch, the Desktop Client includes all 200+ games, all of which you can browse, discover and play directly in the app.

Creating an account and downloading the client is free, and Nutaku claims the desktop version will offer better streaming quality than on your Web browser, and has the benefit of no external distractions – essential for when you’re stuck deep into some 18+ anime entertainment.

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