Last week, Canadian based popular adult gaming portal, Nutaku, launched its first native mobile app store for Android. The Nutaku Android Store makes searching, downloading and updating adult mobile games on the platform far more simple through its directory interface.

While the regular site has over 200+ adult games, the new app only has around 30 available to download at the time of writing. 30 more are set to be added this year, with a particular emphasis on LGBTQ+ games.

Originally developed for desktop, Nutaku launched the first adult gaming console – a boob – back in January of this year. The 18+ site has approximately 25 million registered members with 170 million monthly visits. Its store is now accessible for the 23 percent of its 25 million registered members that use an Android device.

It’ll come as literally no surprise to hear that the Nutaku app isn’t available on the Google Play store, but you can sideload it directly onto an Android phone or tablet, providing its running Android 5.0 or newer.

Likewise, for Apple fans of the adult gaming site, the company says it has “no plans to make this available on iOS devices.” Apple’s dislike of anything ‘adult’ is also well-known.

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