OhMiBod has launched another new model in its range of wearable vibrators that respond to music, and this time it’s designed to be worn internally, rather than just placed in underwear.

The OhMiBod OH3.0 Hero – a somewhat cumbersome name – has three different vibration modes, comes with a wireless controller and is made of body-safe silicon. The three modes are ‘Tease’, ‘Groove’ and ‘Club’. Tease mode makes the vibrator respond to touches on the controller, Groove offers up five pre-set vibration patterns and Club makes it respond to ambient noises and any music playing in the surrounding area.

“It’s powerful enough to catch a stimulating buzz but quiet enough to not draw attention to yourself,” OhMiBod co-founder Suki Dunham said in a statement.

OhMiBod says that the new Club Vibe 3.OH Hero plug is designed for use by men or women, but there’s no word on how long that battery will last. We’ve asked the company and update when we find out.