OhMiBod’s second-gen Nex 2 vibrator targets lockdown lovers with remote control and music response

Ohmibod Nex 2 2nd Generation

OhMiBod, the US company known for making sound-responsive sex toys, has released the second generation of its Nex 2 vibrator. The 6.5-inch long, 1.25-inch diameter vibrator is being marketed at users unable to meet partners in real-life during pandemic lockdowns.

The new version of the Nex 2, which evolved from OhMiBod’s popular Cuddle vibrator, can be linked to the OhMiBod Remote phone app. App users can make video calls to each other as they use their own Nex 2 devices, as well as share vibration controls and other settings. Users can share photos and message via the app too.

Compatible OhMiBod vibrators can be linked via Bluetooth, if partners are within the Nex 2’s Bluetooth range of up to 30 feet. If not within range, you’ll have to hook up with a partner via the app instead, which works no matter how far away you are from each other.

As a bonus, if the vibrator is synced with the Remote app on an Apple Watch, your pulse rhythm can be relayed to a partner’s Nex 2, so they feel their pulse beat.

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Sales of sex toys have increased dramatically in many global regions in the past year, with millions of people living under Covid-19 lockdown rules. In March and April 2020, US lingerie and sex toy store franchise Adam & Eve reported a 30 percent increase in year-on-year sales.

OhMiBod is reacting to the Covid-19 pandemic by touting its remote functions, but the company is perhaps best known for linking its products to sound. The Nex 2 can be set to vibrate in reaction to ambient sound or music via its ‘club vibe’ mode, or set to pulse on pre-programmed rhythms. New pulse patterns can be recorded by the user and saved.

OhMiBod sells the new second generation Nex 2 for $129 via its website. The Cuddle, which is similarly shaped but does not have sound response and can’t be linked to other devices, sells for $69.

In 2020 the company released the Nex 3: a vibrating ring for couples that functions in a similar way to the Nex 2 vibrator, and contributes to the somewhat confusing naming scheme.

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