Now you can play a festive game of ‘Name That Tune’, but with vibrators


MysteryVibe is rolling out an update for its Crescendo vibrator which brings a little festive spirit to any solo or partner play sessions with a version of what’s essentially Name That Tune that makes you guess based on the vibration patterns.

The app update, available from today on iOS and Android devices, brings six new carol-themed Christmas songs to the existing repertoire of pre-programmed vibration patterns – and MysteryVibe isn’t saying exactly which six they are so you can go ahead and work it out on your own. We’ll give you a clue though: ‘Jingle Bells’ is definitely in the mix somewhere.

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Ironically, ‘Silent Night’ might end up being the song that makes you scream.

The reason behind the festive shenanigans, of course, is to show just how diverse the Crescendo’s vibration patterns can be, and if you don’t enjoy any of the pre-programmed or festive options, you can just create your own custom patterns.

The phrase ‘Christmas is coming’ will never mean the same again.

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