Pornhub has released a trove of stats in celebration of its tenth year online today, revealing a whole host of search trend data, the most popular videos and a whole bunch more.

One of the biggest milestones on that list, and its most recent, is passing the 10 millionth video uploaded threshold. That’s over a million and a half hours, or alternatively, 173 years worth of videos. That really is a whole lot of porn.

The most uploaded categories were amateur, gay and blowjob, respectively, and the top three categories of all time by views were lesbian, milf and amateur.

Among other significant achievements on its decade long journey, was the launch of Pornhub Community in 2009, the first HD video on the platform in 2012, and its (failed) ‘Sexploration‘ crowdfunding campaign.

On the more charitable front, in that time it’s also funded a boob bus to raise awareness around breast cancer (and donated cash), planted 15,000 trees, launched a scholarship campaign and donated money to save whales. Somewhere in all of this, it also found time to launch its own line of lubes too.

Of course, charitable as much of that is, it also generates good press for the company, and that has helped contribute to its current achievement of 75 million daily users.

But the best thing it did in that 10 years?

Drop Flash in September last year.