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Unsensored moves its live sextech and blockchain event into VR

Unsensored Talks: Sex and Blockchain

Loathe it or ignore it, you can’t escape the growing influence that the blockchain is having on the adult industry.

For the fourth of its Unsensored talks, organizers from Raspberry Dream Labs have been forced by global events to innovate, moving the entire shebang into VR, allowing it to continue whilst its host country (the UK) remains in lockdown. The result is what it is being billed by the company as the “first sextech event in VR”, and it’s taking place on April 23.

While we’re not entirely sure that’s true, it does open up the talk to a global audience, eager to learn about how cybersex and the blockchain can make for pretty good bedfellows.

It’s all a far cry from the usual assumption that when we say ‘blockchain‘ we just mean ‘cryptocurrency’, as the debate will centre around privacy. Specifically, sexual history, and whether the blockchain affords us anonymity, or indeed if we’d be better off being more candid in a case of “the less we hide, the less we fear”.

That shouldn’t take three and a half hours though, so expect to learn a lot more about the intersection between sextech and blockchain from speakers including Women of Sextech’s President, Alison Falk, and intimacy coach Lori Beth Bisbey.

If you fancy being a part of it, there are two things you need to do.

First off, you’ll need a ticket. These are priced at £11.37 (those crazy Brits), and are available from Eventbrite. Secondly, you’ll need to set up Altspace VR, which is where the event is being held.

The event kicks off at 18:30 (GMT+1) on April 23. As with all good events, there’s still time at the end for some networking drinks at the end, so get down the liquor store in preparation for some virtual schmoozing.

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