Transcapsule is an app that uses photos and video to create your transition tracking story

Transcapsule transition tracking app

If you’re transitioning, or know someone who is, a new app called Transcapsule could be the perfect way to chart the journey.

The app, currently in private beta, allows users to set goals based on the different stages of their journey and set reminders for medication, or simply to update the app with new video or photo posts.

In the growing market of trans apps,the difference with Transcapsule, is that its primary role is to act as a chronicle of the journey. Uploading photos and videos regularly – and particularly as you reach milestones, creates a permanent record – celebrating how far you’ve come, and how much you’ve achieved.

“Transcapsule is an app for transgender and non-binary people to document their transitions and track the long-term effects of gender affirming hormones,” Transcapsule says.

Before the public launch pencilled in for later this year, Transcapsule is collecting research from the trans community and healthcare providers, which will be used to steer the future direction of the app.

Transcapsule transition tracking app

The app has been in development since 2016, and will be subject to a subscription fee for people that want unlimited media storage when it goes live.

“With limited storage, the app will be free to use. For unlimited storage, there will be a monthly subscription fee – enough to keep the app active, and less than your Netflix bill,” Transcapsule’s founder Tobey Tozier says.

As well as your personal journey, the app will also contain advice and resources, all designed to ensure nobody takes the biggest journey of their life alone.

Transcapsule will be available for Android and iOS, when it does exit beta. To sign up for notifications when the app is released, take part in one of the surveys, or to discuss becoming a beta tester, you can contact the company via the email address on its homepage..

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