Virtual Mate’s photo-realistic adult gaming system now shipping


Virtual Mate, a company that bills itself as the “world’s first intimacy system”, has started shipping its crowdfunded, VR-compatible stroker for people with a penis.

The California-based startup began its crowdfunding campaign in early 2019 to launch an system where you can sync a male masturbator sleeve up to a customizable, virtual, on-screen girlfriend. It’s currently on sale at $169, but it using a sliding (rising) price scale as a promo to encourage launch sales – the stated RRP is $399.

Up to 5,000 estimated deliveries will be rolled out over the next two months, in keeping with the firm’s initial expected delivery target of July 2020. However, due to the ongoing Coronavirus pandemic, the company has advised that longer delivery times are likely. If you ordered, you should expect to receive your product between 4-6 weeks after the order date stated.

The ‘virtual lover’ system is made up of two parts: the ‘Core’ hardware, which is essentially a Fleshlight-like masturbatory sleeve, and the software, a screen display showing your virtual partner and their reactions to your movements.

You can play in real-time with a PC, tablet, smartphone or VR headset in three modes: Fast, Story or VR, with each offering different levels of intimacy interaction.

Virtual Mate Product Personalization

As we reported back in August 2019, a personalization update means your virtual mate can be programmed to call your name during your intimate moments together

You can pay $1,000 for a tailored room customization, or if you want to go all out and get a private custom plot, where the Virtual Mate development team will create your own story design for you, that will set you back $10,000.

Customization extends to the game’s characters, too, and users are also being encouraged to suggest which adult entertainers (or anyone, actually, under the condition of full copyright approval) will be next to become the latest virtual girlfriend on the platform.

How Virtual Mate Works

The handheld sleeve features ‘smart-warming’ technology with Bluetooth-enabled sensors that transfer movement data in real time to your on-screen software.

While the current version has been designed for male users, a version aimed at people with a vagina is also in the works.

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