Adult virtual reality site VRBangers has announced the arrival of its first 8K resolution scenes, declaring them to be the “new standard” for VR Porn.

The company was among the first to start UHD (4K/2180p) production and followed it with the first 6K/3160p scenes, which offered cinema-quality images at home (if your equipment supports it of course).

At 8K (3849p), VRBangers is almost as cutting edge as it gets. As the company points out, the image on your display remains the same, but the picture packs in more pixels per inch (PPI), which creates a smoother, more detailed, super-realistic result, keeping you in the moment where – and when – you need it most.

To put it in perspective, 8K televisions were first released back in 2018, and even now, they’ll set you back an absolute minimum of $3,000, despite there being virtually no content available. The best place to see 8K right now is through your headset.

But even as this latest innovation goes live, it’s already out of date, with 10K (up to 10240p!) being showcased in engineering demos and the odd YouTube video. Needless to say, we’re sure it’ll be coming down the line soon enough.

For now, VRBangers has opted to stick to 8K resolution. The adult industry often adopts the latest tech before anyone else, 8K is already so far ahead of most users’ needs, and the technology moves so fast, that 8K seems like more than ample for the immediate future.

“We were the first to create VR porn movies in 4K and then 6K UHD, and again we are going to open the market for crystal clear 8K Ultra HD VR porn videos with our newest equipment – but we are not stopping there,” enthuses Daniel Abramovich, CEO of VRBangers.

“The quality of 8K UHD VR porn scenes is unreal, but when we started developing these new technologies it turned out that even 10K ultra-high definition is within our reach already – the problem is that there are no VR goggles capable of running the quality as high so there is no point in pushing it so soon. I assure you, though, that it will come out when the manufacturers of VR devices will catch up with us – and it is all only a matter of time.”

The first scene, Bachelor No More is already available to download in 8K today.

VRBangers is available on most headsets, including Oculus, Vive, Microsoft Mixed Reality, Google Daydream, Gear VR and PSVR, via the PLAY’A app.

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