Webcam show or solar eclipse? You don’t need to make that decision


If you’re wondering whether logging on to watch webcams is really appropriate today, given it’s the first time a total solar eclipse has travelled across the entire US since 1918, then CamSoda Camsoda has a room that puts an end to your quandary.

From midday (ET), which isn’t a whole lot of use if you’re in Oregon, as the eclipse will already have passed you by, there’s a special room on CamSoda with a picture-in-picture view of the eclipse and a cam model.

“When the eclipse get boring (which it inevitably will) the girls will be there to cheer up the viewers and provide them with a special eclipse of their own. Best of all, there will be no glasses necessary to partake in this once in a lifetime sexploration,” a spokesperson for the company said in a statement.

If you were wondering how to get around this dilemma – or aren’t in the path of the eclipse – CamSoda’s helpfully (debatable, really) provided you with a no-effort solution.

The room isn’t online yet (correct at the time of writing only), but it will be shortly at this link.

Really, you could probably just stop staring at your screen for a couple of minutes and look out the window (with goggles, obviously) instead at the fleeting rare moment as it happens, but we’re not here to judge.

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