YouPorn partners with BuddyHelp to shine light on mental health problems (but it’s already going a bit wrong)

YouPorn 2020 Confessions

In a bid to shine a light on the impact the global pandemic is having on the mental health of many people, YouPorn has partnered with the volunteer-led BuddyHelp charity to allow people to upload their ‘2020 confessions’ to the otherwise NSFW porn streaming site.

The intention with these videos is for people to share how they’re really feeling about their lives, hopes and dreams (for 2020 and beyond), their fears – and to just basically decompress about the year so far.

The videos are intended to be uploaded to the YouPorn site, to the specific 2020 category “where people can share their stories about this unprecedented time, and listen to others’ while supporting mental healthcare accessibility,” YouPorn says. For each 1,000 views of videos in the 2020 category, YouPorn will be donating $100 to BuddyHelp.

Clearly, YouPorn kicked things off by getting some high-profile 2020 confessions uploaded to the site – starting with none other than its own virtual influencer Jedi Vales, and altogether more real performers, like Jada Kai and Ricky Johnson. These missives seem – as you’d expect – true to the 2020 category’s purpose and aim, reflecting on the state of life, hopes and dreams as they stand at the end of 2020.

However, of the 24 videos currently tagged with ‘2020 Confessions’, only the three mentioned above – plus one featuring Heather Harmon – are non-explicit; the rest seem to be the sort of hardcore porn you’d expect to find in every other category on the site.

Clearly, if YouPorn genuinely wants to keep this space as a place for people to upload and watch non-explicit messages, it’s going to need to do one hell of a job of keeping porn out of this one space.

That in itself would be a bit weird though, given it’s YouPorn, after all. Whether or not other non-pro YouPorn members will want to bare their souls instead of their privates is still a question waiting for an answer.

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