Clandestine Companion review: Capable magnet system and wristwatch make for great public panty play

Clandestine Companion Review


Clandestine Companion review: Capable magnet system and wristwatch make for great public panty play
Clandestine Companion review: Capable magnet system and wristwatch make for great public panty play
Clandestine Companion review: Capable magnet system and wristwatch make for great public panty play
Simple user interface
Stay-put magnet
Rechargeable toy
Good frequency of vibrations

If you’re looking for a remote-controlled vibrator to slip in your pants, then the Clandestine Companion toy is one of the newest to hit the market, and goes up against rivals such as Ohmibod’s Club Vibe 3.0, the Lovense Ferri, the Lovehoney’s Desire app-controlled knicker vibrator.

Adapting from its predecessor, the tongue-shaped Mimic Massager, the Companion follows a similar suit with its body-contoured design, but this time it comes much smaller as it is designed specifically for wearing in your underwear.

The vibrator is paired with a ‘stay-put’ magnet, and wrist remote control — as someone who loves a gimmick, especially when it’s to do with discreet pleasure control, you can imagine I was keen to get testing.

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Clandestine Companion: Design & Hardware

Before we get into the device, let’s start with the packaging. The box is simple, sleek, and once you open it up, you notice a “hygiene sealed” sticker. It’s always good to know the product is fresh for your use.

There’s also an instruction manual, a USB charging cable, a white silky pouch for storage, the silicone watch-like wrist remote, two “stay-put” magnets made of body-safe ABS plastic, and of course, the Companion itself, made of medical-grade silicone. This means that you should only really use water-based lubricants to avoid any damage to the toy!

Unlike the Club Vibe and Desire, Companion doesn’t come with underwear, but makes up for it with the clever little magnets that make the toy compatible with pretty much any you already own.

clandestine companion 5
Clandestine Companion, watch-remote, magnet, USB charger, silk pouch

Companion currently comes in one color, a pinky-peach, and the wrist remote is grey and looks inconspicuously like any old smartwatch or activity tracker, minus the face. The device is rechargeable, and lasts up to 70 minutes, while the remote has a 200mAh / 3.7v battery that will eventually need replacing.

There is one button on the device itself, and three buttons on the remote; one for switching it on and moving between patterns (plus a handy smart lock feature), and plus and minus buttons for controlling the vibration. The controls can also be removed from the bands, if you don’t want to use it as a wristwatch.

Though the instructions say the vibrator has four intensity levels, it seems like there are, in fact, six. If you’re more a fan of pre-set patterns, there are seven to choose between if you feel like mixing it up from the Steady vibration. These include the Throb, Quiver, Chanelle, Surge, Caress, and True Pulse.

The wearable device is ergonomic in shape, with small wings and a nub for added clitoral pressure.

Clandestine Companion : In Use

Before you get stuck into using it, the recommended charging time is two hours.

Solo Test

The beauty of this toy is that it can be used in multiple ways. Firstly, though it’s suggested to be worn with the vibrating nub on the clitoris, it can be worn backwards with the vibrating nub stimulating the entrance to the vagina for a different kind of sensation. Not only that but the toy can be taken off remote mode and used as a handheld clitoral vibrator too.

Though both those ways offered alternative pleasure from the toy, the remote control and clitoral nub combo was probably the most fun for me.

companion 2
Clandestine Companion, side view

As the toy isn’t too buzzy — as many small clitoral vibrators can be — the Companion can be worn for long periods of time. The magnets really do their job well, as the toy really did stay put, and was enjoyed in my bedroom, around the house, in the garden, and even on a trip to the shops. However, I chose the garden as my location of choice for the crescendo.

Though the vibrations are not completely silent, they are pretty quiet (“whisper quiet” as the company describes) meaning use in the garden — with enough background noise from the birds and lawmowers — was pretty acceptable even if the neighbors were to pop their heads out of the window.

The discreet remote control on my wrist made it very inconspicuous, and no one would have known I had anything down my pants, making the whole ordeal much more exciting as I was able to — slowly, but surely — bring myself to climax without giving much away, apart from some subtle hip motions.

The vibrations are not that intense, so if you are into power above all else, this toy might not be for you. Luckily for me, I’m very sensitive, so the lighter the better, and because of this, I could keep the vibrations on for a while after orgasm, which is great if you’re in a semi-public setting and your partner is controlling the device. That way, you don’t have to dramatically try and unclip the toy from your underwear!

The next time I tried it out was as a standalone clitoral vibe without the watch (which I’ve come to realize might be my favorite element). However, I accidentally put the device on Travel Lock mode and it took me a while to figure out how to undo it (PSA: always read the whole manual first). Once that hurdle was overcome, I grabbed my water-based lube and enjoyed the sensation of the nub on my nipples, clit, and vaginal opening. If you also fall foul to an accidental travel lock situation, you just need to hold down the main button for three seconds.

The small contoured toy fits in my hand and the flexible wings were comfortable to hold, however, it almost felt too small for my palm, making it difficult to control compared to larger clitoral stimulators that allowed for more grip and better angling. This is undoubtedly something to consider if you struggle with mobility issues and want to use it manually.

clandestine companion 2
Clandestine Companion, upside-down view

Partner Test

When testing out the Clandestine Companion with my partner, there was a lot of excitement in the build-up considering we hadn’t tested a public toy since the OhMiBod 3.0 Panty Vibrator.

Experimenting with the toy solo beforehand meant it was very quick and easy to get it going while in a public setting. The Companion fitted neatly behind my loose shorts with the magnet, though a slight movement could leave you exposed. I’d recommend loose trousers or a long skirt, and ideally not tight leggings or shorts that could show the bulge of the toy plus the magnet.

Nevertheless, I found the on button easily accessible through my shorts (you could disguise this as a potential readjustment of your underwear), and the watch once placed on my partner’s wrist was connected by a much more subtle press of the main button. Much less fiddly and more secure than the Club Vibe 3.0 thanks to the simple design and magnet addition.

Upon first glance, the watch remote seems like a cheapish sports watch at best, but on closer inspection, if this was used in a more intimate setting, say a dinner party, it would likely be suspicious for those nearby.

Luckily for us, we were enjoying a leisurely stroll through a market and through the park. The settings were explored, some enjoyed more than others, but I was mostly aroused by the control my partner had from turning it off and on again in moments I was least aware.

As we were outside, you could not hear the toy at all, but once we got into a more private setting, the vibrations matched that of a light phone vibration. Again, probably not recommended for a quiet dinner party, but more an out-and-out party or festival vibe. However, the Club Vibe 3.0 might be a better shout if you want to vibrate in time to the music.

Clandestine Companion Review: Verdict

Overall, I was pleasantly surprised by this toy. It’s simple, well-designed, easy to use, and has some enjoyable features. If you are looking for some solo or partnered fun, I would recommend the Clandestine Companion for local public fun. However, for those in long-distance relationships or wanting more musically-inclined features, check out something like the Lovense Lush 3, or the OhMiBod club range.

Yes, the $160 price may be a little steep for the simplicity of the tool, but it really does do the job it’s designed to do — it stays in place, offers silky vibrations, and is great for public domination, even if it’s not overly powerful as a vibe.

Clandestine Companion: Quick Rating

clandestine companion 2
8.1Expert Score
Very good at what it does

The Clandestine Companion costs $159. It is described as a wearable “panty” vibe with an inconspicuous wrist remote control and a secure fit magnet to hold it in place. It can be enjoyed solo, or controlled by a willing dominant partner up to 60 ft away.

Ease of Use
  • Simple user interface
  • Stay-put magnet
  • Rechargeable toy
  • Good frequency of vibrations
  • Not for long-distance use
  • Not completely silent
  • Watch non-rechargeable
  • Too small for remote-less hand-control

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