CzechVR review: Three VR porn sites in one subscription

With Prague as a European hotbed of porn production, the increase in the number of studios in the Czech Republic over the last decade hasn’t abated. With that comes a steady stream of new talent and a whole lot of Czech-themed content. One of the biggest names in the VR side of things is CzechVR, but don’t be confused – a single subscription here gets you access to CzechVR, CzechVR Casting and CzechVR Fetish, as well as some non-VR porn sites too.

Does the CzechVR network have enough to offer to rivals like Badoink, VirtualRealPorn and Naughty America VR? Read on for our full CzechVR review to find out.

You can also then see how it stacks up against all the competition in our Ultimate Guide to VR Porn Roundup or have a quick chat with our VR porn helper bot ASH instead.


CzechVR Review

CzechVR Review: Rating

CzechVR Network
Ease of Use85
Catalog Size94
Content Variety83
Performer Variety83
Update Frequency86
VR Quality85
Reader Rating3 Votes84
350+ VR porn videos across the 3 brands
Can watch all the videos in 2D in browser too
Can Stream or Download
Includes access to non-VR porn sites too, with around 400+ videos.
Regular weekly updates
New design still isn't mobile optimised
No teledildonic support
Some of the scenes are a bit shorter than average
Highest Res!
Good value all round
CzechVR's relaunched service offers good value, rolling 3 site subs into one. There's no teledildonic support or too many frills - and the site isn't particularly well optimised for mobile - but what it does have is lots and lots of high quality content with great performers. It also has the highest resolution videos available, provided you've got a headset that can play them.
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CzechVR Review: Design and Content

The CzechVR network has recently undergone a bit of a redesign to bring its three different VR brands all under one virtual roof – and it’s a move that makes sense, as you can now access CzechVR, CzechVR Casting and CzechVR Fetish all with a single login on a single site. We’re always fans of less time messing around logging in different places, so this is welcomed.

Across the three sites, there are 350+ videos, which would make it the single largest collection of content (beating VirtualRealPorn), except that it’s not a single collection of content, it’s three sites. You can just access through one login.

CzechVR review

There are currently nearly twice as many VR porn videos on CzechVR than on the fetish or casting-themed sections. Across the whole network of VR and non-VR sites, there are around 850 videos featuring more than 430 porn stars in total. It’s not the biggest collection on offer, particularly including the regular porn count, but it’s certainly as much as most people would want.

With a new platform bringing the three previous ones together, the design is as you’d expect – functional and clean.

You can filter by a particular site or search/browse your way through the entire catalog all as one list, based either on date or ‘top rated’ videos. Once you’ve clicked on a single video description, there are tags you can click to jump to a filtered search of similar clips. All the titles that we saw on offer are 180-degrees, and available in either high or low quality, which dictates the size of the download.

It’s worth pointing out that while CzechVR does have more than 350 videos across the sites, the length of them isn’t standardized, so they vary from between about 10 minutes and about 30 minutes. If you’re not a fan of shorter scenes, check out the catalog before you subscribe – they’re all at least 10 minutes though.

CzechVR Review: Features

CzechVR, like most other big VR porn sites now, offers support for a range of headsets:

  • Oculus,
  • Vive
  • GearVR
  • PlayStationVR
  • iOS and Android smartphones

There’s no explicit support for Daydream VR but it should work OK.

Perhaps the biggest plus for CzechVR is for Vive and Oculus users, as the company has recently started making videos available in super high resolution 5,400 x 2,700 pixels, 60FPS, H.265 format. Higher resolution equals higher quality, so it’s definitely a bonus if you have one of those headsets, and are willing to download the larger files.

CzechVR Review

In most other ways, CzechVR’s range of features are middle of the pack – there aren’t useful things like a ‘best viewed’ angle indicator, all the videos are 180-degrees, and there’s no support for teledildonics like the Fleshlight Launch. That might sound disappointing for some people, but there are some useful features on offer too.

For example, all the clips can be streamed in full length without downloading them – Naughty America VR still doesn’t offer this – and you can also watch them all on a desktop or mobile in a browser in 2D or 3D mode, which is a nice extra. You can also shortlist videos, rate them and leave comments too.

CzechVR isn’t overflowing with additional metaphorical bells and whistles, but the features that are present are all useful.

CzechVR Review: Pricing

If you want a trial for CzechVR, then you’re going to be disappointed, as the shortest membership on offer is for 30-days. It does, however, support a few different payment methods, including: Credit/Debit cards, PayPal, UKash and PaySafeCard.

As with all the other sites available, the longer you subscribe for, the cheaper it is overall. For access to CzechVR, CzechVR Casting, CzechVR Fetish and a handful of non-VR sites it costs:

  • $24.95 for 30 days, recurring.
  • $49.95 for 90 days, recurring.
  • $84.95 for 180 days, non-recurring.

Overall, that makes CzechVR pretty good value for money, given the overall size of the catalog, as long as you don’t mind that some of the videos are a bit shorter than you might expect for ‘full length’ scenes.

CzechVR Review: Overall

CzechVR’s strength is in its great selection of content and mix of ‘girl next door’ and ‘porn star’ looking performers, solid value for money and high quality scenes. While earlier videos were filmed with a horizontal, rather than vertical, split, we’re pleased to see the change as it results in better quality scenes.

Throwing in access to a bunch of regular porn sites (all under the ‘Mentalpass’ umbrella) is the icing on the cake for anyone that wants super-high resolution VR porn scenes to watch on Oculus or Vive headsets. If you’re watching on a smartphone, you still get high quality (and the option of lower quality, smaller downloads) scenes and the same access to non-VR porn too. And if you’re willing to cough up for 6 months up front, it’s not even a recurring charge to worry about.

It’s not the best overall we’ve seen – lack of teledildonic support and better video filters, for example, keep it off the top spot. Nonetheless, it’s not that far away either, and offers a certain set of viewers a compelling package.

CzechVR Review: Comparison

BadoinkVR just about tops the list of our review scores for VR porn sites, but its rivals are pretty close behind!Recent updates deliver better usability, and new content is added regularly. Subscribing on a longer basis offers better value for money than a monthly deal too, and it has something others can't offer in the virtual theater option. On top of all that, memberships also now include access to BadoinkVIP and its catalog of 100,000+ non-VR clips. Read full review
Excellent catalog and virtual theater option
With great filters, regular updates, a whole bunch of content and good value introductory offers to let you test the service out, it's hard to ignore VirtualRealPorn among a growing number of VR porn sites. It also has great three-month pricing offers and support for teledildonics devices.Read full review
Biggest catalog!
Naughty America VR
Naughty America VR
If you want one subscription with wide-ranging access, this is it. You get access to thousands of non-VR porn videos, 170+ VR scenes and even a dozen of interactive porn scenes that work with teledildonics. It's only let down by no streaming for VR scenes, meaning you have to download but it's not a deal-breaker. Otherwise, it's a smart all-rounder choice.Read full review
Great all-rounder
A great all-round option that allows streaming and downloads, and delivers high quality across both. Regular updates and low distortion put it ahead of many, and the option to combine it with a MilfVR subscription adds another point in its favor. Read full review
Combo-bundle available!
HoloGirlsVR is a good VR porn site, but it's not the best we've tested. If the video quality of earlier uploads had been more consistent, it would have scored better. Ultimately, for $20 per month, it's worth considering, but the annual option doesn't feel like great value right now. Read full review
Good, not perfect
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