Dame Products Fin is an ergonomic vibrator that is worn between the fingers, and thus designed to act as an extension of the body during sexual stimulation. Though it sits at the higher end of most finger vibes in terms of price (a fact also reflected in its design), it still comes in cheaper and more adaptable than the Unbound Palma vibrator ring, which currently costs $128.

At $75, Fin is marketed with ease-of-use and added pleasure during sex at the forefront, particularly for the 75% of people with vulvas who find clitoral stimulation important for reaching orgasm during sexual intercourse.

However, this device is not intended just for clitoral pleasure. Dame says its multifunctional design means it can be worn and used in numerous ways, a claim also made by the Enby and MysteryVibe Crescendo.

Dame Fin Review: Quick Overview

Dame Fin Review
  • Design
  • Ease of Use
  • Experience
  • Innovation
  • Value


  • Easy to use, ergonomic design
  • Versatile, multi-functional
  • Removable tether


  • Tether can be fiddly
  • Buzzy
  • Potentially uncomfortable tingly after-effects
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Dame Fin Review: Design & Hardware

Using USB charging, like many new vibrators, Fin is also splash proof, for shower fun, and also pretty handy if you’re a squirter. The single button sits on the top, so depending on how you wear Fin, some positions are easier to operate it in than others. For simplicity, there are only three vibration intensities, however, the highest is pretty strong for such a small device. It’s definitely suited to anyone who enjoys buzzier sensations, over the rumbly and deep vibrations you may find in larger toys, such as the Womanizer DUO.

The Fin is made from medical grade silicone and comes in navy blue or jade green. The jade being a relatively gender-neutral colour as it’s to be worn by anyone.

I happened to get the navy, which may please some more masculine or non-binary presenting individuals who find color an issue, which is often the case when sex toys are typically bright pink when catering to femininity. Something the sex tech industry is thankfully moving away from, as the market expands to be inclusive of all genders.

The shape is small and dextrous, designed to fit fingers from ring size 5-13, slotting in place with close control to feel like part of your hand. Its finger tether is removable, depending on how you want to wear it in that moment; this could be close to the palm or at the finger tips, facing upwards or downwards. One way or the other, each offers a different experience as the base has a flatter side for broader sensations, and a pointier side for more direct vibes.

Dame Fin Review: Experience

What really stood out to me with Fin, is the versatility and comfort it offers. When using it on myself, I was encouraged to experiment with it. Placing it between the tips of my fingers or closer to my palm, it really does feel like an extension of the body – essentially turning your fingers into a vibrator.

I found it particularly effective for building up sexual tension using indirect stimulation; running the finger vibrator across different parts of my body to encourage blood flow in multiple erogenous zones, nipples, labia majora, inner arms and inner thighs. That’s not to say you can’t do that with any old bullet vibrator, but with the Fin, it sits with ease without having to grip or hold on to anything, especially with the added tether support.

During partnered sex, aside from a couple of awkward moments, trying to put it on or take it off when using the stretchy tether, I loved that we could both wear Fin interchangeably, using it on each other and ourselves. Luckily you can remove the tether from Fin completely; a bonus over the Palma ring.

For those who enjoy extra clitoral stimulation during penetrative sex, with a penis or dildo, Fin is easily worn by either partner, and offers strong enough sensation and doesn’t get int the way too much. After experimenting with both the flatter and pointier side, I preferred the flatter end for less direct stimulation. It’s also easy (and super pleasurable) to use on the penis, balls, and perineum too, adding vibration sensation to oral, or penetrative sex with little difficulty.

Though settings one and two are much quieter than the loud and intense third setting, when held at a certain angle the motor can still make an uncomfortably loud noise (which is, admittedly, not great if you have thin walls).

My biggest criticism, though, is a hard one to overcome for a toy such as this: the buzzy-after-effect it has on the fingers. I felt ‘pins and needles’ for a while after – which some may find an enjoyable experience, but I find the tingling sensation very uncomfortable. Again, only larger toys that you can control away from the motor are usually able to avoid this, but the fact that this vibrator is an extension of the fingers makes the tingling that much more intense.

Dame Fin Review: Verdict

I’d be lying if I said this wasn’t a new favourite (but I’m not that hard to please). The Fin is definitely a fun addition to any sex tech collection. With such sleek simplicity, it doesn’t detract (or distract) from the sexual experience, as some toys can ultimately.

The tingly after-effects aren’t something I’m too keen on, but it’s not enough to stop me using it in the future.

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