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Esca2 review: Fun for the average person, probably more fun for cam performers



Esca2 review: Fun for the average person, probably more fun for cam performers
Esca2 review: Fun for the average person, probably more fun for cam performers
Esca2 review: Fun for the average person, probably more fun for cam performers
Powerful rumbling vibrations
Smooth texture
Light indicator
Comfortable shape

The ‘OhMiBod Esca2 powered by Kiiroo’ uses a similar design to alternative such as the Lovense Lush, and is also targeted towards a similar market of home users and cam performers.

With somewhat of a middling price range for interactive sex tech, the $119 retail price puts it right between the Cliona ($99)  and Crescendo ($149).

Ohmibod Esca2 by Kiiroo: Rating

7.1Expert Score
Enjoyable, but better for performers mostly

The Esca2 is marketed as a versatile wearable massager for interactive G spot stimulation with a Bluetooth-enabled light-up antennae, predominantly designed for cam models.

It scored a pretty average rating overall as it’s most unique features didn’t quite match up to expectations, mainly due to it being intended for cam models, as well as the shape of the device limiting its interactivity in comparison to other interactive Kiiroo products.

However I do believe it has some redeeming qualities and can be used in a variety of ways, alone, with a partner, or the whole online world.

Ease of Use
Feature Set
We Like
  • Powerful rumbling vibrations
  • Smooth texture
  • Light indicator
  • Comfortable shape
We Dislike
  • Difficult button to press
  • Interactive porn limited by its design
  • Loud buzzing noise (like internet dial up modem sound)
Pink, Purple
Pink, Purple
App, Built-in
App, Built-in
Fully Waterproof

Kiiroo Esca2 Review: Design

The packaging is simple, sleek and modern – and not particularly gendered.

Inside the box, you get a USB charging cable, instructions, and what OhMiBod calls a “privacy pouch”. That’s a silky white bag for you to safely store the Esca2, to you and me.

The device itself is bright purple with pink detail, which does leave me wondering if someone can actually have too many purple and pink sex toys after all. This is down to personal preference though.

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The egg-like insertable end of the Esca2 measures 2.8-inches long, and 1.4-inches in diameter. The entire length, antennae included, reaches 7.3-inches, and weighs 56 grams. At the end of the long, flexible antennae is a control button, and a light to indicate which mode you’re using at any given time.

Though the button is placed on an accessible part of the device, it takes a lot of pressure to turn it on and click through the settings, which makes it hard during use, and may make it trickier for anyone with mobility issues.

Made from body-safe smooth silicone, it really does feel gentle to the touch, and is a device I’m happy to use on my skin and in my most intimate areas.

Kiiroo Esca2 review: Charging

As the charging port is covered with silicone, at first you might be hesitant to poke the jack through in case it breaks. Don’t worry, it won’t.

Though it doesn’t mention anywhere that it is waterproof, Kiiroo assures us that it’s IPX7 rated, meaning it should be OK in water up to 3m deep. The original Esca was only splashproof, by comparison.

While charging, the light fades on and off. Total charge time is around 1.5 hours, and the claimed battery life is 3-4 hours. I didn’t test that in one go, but it seems about right as an aggregate from my various uses off a single charge. This, as always, is dependant on what strength of setting and how much interactivity you engage in during use.

Kiiroo Esca2 Review: In-use Experience

Manual Mode

The first test of this device was with a partner – locally, not remotely – and without all the interactive features. It did not disappoint. Using the standard manual settings, holding the button switches it on and puts it in Bluetooth mode for syncing, with no vibrations and a flashing light.

We played around with a few of the vibration settings to find one that suited us in that moment. Unfortunately the instruction manual does not correlate with the manual settings you experience, so it takes a (tiny) bit of trial and error.

Setting one has 100% light, and 100% vibration, but within this setting you find it actually has three strengths that you can click through depending on your sensitivity. Setting two has oscillating light and vibration which you can enjoy in two different strengths. Setting three takes you back to Bluetooth pairing mode. We settled for the first option, at medium strength.

After the usual fumbling that comes with using a new toy, I managed to enjoy the vibrations clitorally, and on my G spot. However, more intensity was needed once inserted. The great bonus was that due to its oblong egg shape you can quite easily fit a penis or dildo too, for added pressure to the G spot.

Bluetooth Interactivity Mode

As this product is also designed for use on cam sites, the idea of the antennae is for instant visual feedback through its interactive usage.

Therefore, the light system – aside from indicating what setting it’s on, and maybe as a subtle reminder during local partner play – didn’t bring a lot to the in-person experience. I haven’t yet tried remote partner play using video chat.

As for linking the device to online interactive content, the FeelConnect was definitely a new experience. Previously, I’d used the MysteryVibe remote control app on my Crescendo, so I was already familiar with the remote control aspect of the OhMiBod App.

Via the OhMiBod App

While the device is in Bluetooth mode I found it relatively easy to connect to the OhMiBod app. Frustratingly though, when not using the device at full strength via the app, mine makes an odd noise – almost like the old internet dial-up modem sound. A Kiiroo representative says this issue hasn’t been flagged up before, and it, along with OhMiBod, are looking into it, so we’ll update here with the resolution when we have one.

On the app you can remote control the Esca2 in “Rhythm” mode, and pick a fun set of vibration patterns. “Tap” mode lets you choose the strength and literally tap the screen to create and save your own patterns. “Touch” is like a graph that only really works on full and fast settings. Finally, my favourite feature of OhMiBod (and perhaps the whole experience with Esca2) was the “ClubVibe”.

Putting on my favourite Spotify playlist and riding the beats – not even to get off but just to enjoy the new sensation of vibrating to music – was a whole new experience.

When using the OhMiBod app, the volume buttons control the power intensity. You need to be on 75 percent or higher for optimum vibration. However this also controls the volume if you have anything playing – which kind of sucks if you want to watch porn on your phone but live with your family or friends.

When it came to connecting the device to my partner’s app remotely, we managed to sync up, but while the light flickered in time to what they were “rhythming, tapping, touching and club vibing” to on their end, the all important vibrations didn’t actually work on mine. So after a few tries we gave up.

Using the FeelConnect App

The FeelConnect App allows for teledildonic interaction between two Kiiroo devices. As unfortunately I don’t have a product to partner with, I am limited to using the app for remote partner play (which didn’t work for us, as covered above), and the interactive porn content – which led me down a fun little rabbit hole.

As noted by Kiiroo, the Esca2 is egg shaped and not elongated like the company’s other products. In using it with interactive content, I had to take into account that “the vibrations are concentrated in one spot rather than going up and down like the other devices.” The experience, therefore, was somewhat limited as most content is tailored to sleeve and dildo shaped devices.

Using our awesome interactive porn guide it didn’t take me too long to figure out how to initially sync to the various interactive porn sites.

However what I mostly felt was an oscillation in strength and speed, to mimic mostly (unsuitable) blow job scenes. Fingering or dildo scenes sadly didn’t register, leaving PIV penetrative sex scenes to be the most suitable for this device – and for the porn that did pique my interest it was just okay.

I could see the interactive functionality being fun, but there would need to be some content that’s perhaps better thought through to work with a device shaped like the Esca2.

Kiiroo Esca2 review: Care & Cleaning

The Esca2 is made from silicone and is most compatible with water based lubricant (a couple of different ones were included with the review unit sent to us – the Kiiroo Spark water-based warming lubricant felt like chilli oil had been rubbed over my most sensitive parts, so I stuck to the Kiiroo Aqua after that.

When it comes to cleaning the Esca2, I didn’t have any problems, aside from the standard engraved lettering which appears on most sex toys. This is a design feature we see on many products, but these easily become gunky.

I used Kiiroo Pure intimate toy cleaner, but you can also use soap and warm water. Just make sure you have the charging port cover closed if you plan on submerging it.

Kiiroo Esca2 Review: Is It Any Good?

Though I did enjoy some aspects of the Esca2, particularly the ClubVibe setting in the OhMiBod app, as well as the rumbling vibrations and the shape (as it allows it to sit discreetly and comfortably in my underwear), I probably wouldn’t shout about it to the average person. Particularly as the interactive content is so limited.

The appeal of flashing lights and music-driven modes for use on cam sites are pretty obvious though, in the potential to increase revenue for performers.

As long as the odd noise at certain power levels in the review unit we’ve tested is a one-off – otherwise it’d just be a bit of a needless distraction.

View Kiiroo Esca2 @ Kiiroo

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