OhMiBod Bluemotion Nex 2 (2nd Gen) review: More fun with the app than without



OhMiBod Bluemotion Nex 2 (2nd Gen) review: More fun with the app than without
OhMiBod Bluemotion Nex 2 (2nd Gen) review: More fun with the app than without
OhMiBod Bluemotion Nex 2 (2nd Gen) review: More fun with the app than without
 App offers plenty of versatility
Mostly comfortable design
Affordable price point

Sex toys are getting smarter and smarter – and with Ohmibod’s new Bluemotion Nex 3 nearly ready to review, we thought it was important to spend a little time with the recently updated generation of the existing model — the Bluemotion Nex 2 2nd Gen — of toy, so we can make a solid comparison when the time comes.

The OhMiBod Bluetooth-enabled Bluemotion product family launched way back in the depths of time (around 2015) , and the second generation Nex 2 differed from its predecessor primarily in shape — the Nex 1 is a panty vibrator; Nex 2 can be used both externally and internally, as a vibrator specifically designed for G-spot stimulation. 

While it works fine as a standalone toy, its companion app, OhMiBod Remote, is what really brings it to life, offering pre-programmed patterns and long-distance control. 

Slightly confusingly, the Nex 3 – a sound-responsive couples massager – had been scheduled to launch at last year’s CES, but never materialized. It has now, in early 2021, finally launched though.

Ohmibod Bluemotion Nex 2: Rating


8.1Expert Score
Good, provided you're happy to use app control

While not officially the ‘current generation’ of the Ohmibod Bluemotion Nex line, the Nex 2 2nd generation toy can still provide a lot of fun, locally and remotely, and is still for sale directly, or from third-party sex toy retailer sites. For anyone interested in a new Nex device, designed for use by couples, then the Nex 3 is worth checking out.

Ease of Use
  •  App offers plenty of versatility
  • Mostly comfortable design
  • Affordable price point
  • Too small for remote-less hand-control
  • Best used and controlled via an app

Ohmibod Bluemotion Nex 2

$129 at time of review

OhMiBod Bluemotion Nex 2: Design and Functionality 

The toy arrives in a tightly-packed white box in discreet packaging. Inside the box you’ll find the massager, the USB charging cable and a storage pouch.

It takes a few minutes to open, and even once inside, the set-up wasn’t totally without its difficulties. Perhaps it’s a case of ‘easy when you know how’, but the charging port proved a little tricky for me, as I spent a few minutes trying to ‘open’ the silicone charging port, as you need to do this with a few of the other toys I own. Admittedly, I might not have spent much time with the instructions before diving in. 

To charge the toy — as it’s suggested you do for around 2.5 hours before use — for a full charge, simply plug the provided charger straight into the charging socket. Make sure the Nex 2 is fully dry before charging, unlike other waterproof toys, the Nex 2 is only splash-proof (more on that later).

The LED light around the control buttons will blink while the toy is charging. Once charged, the light will glow steadily.

Made from body-safe silicone and PU-coated ABS (in layman’s terms, basically body-safe plastic). It’s 6.5-inches (165mm) long with a 1.25-inches (32mm) diameter. It’s light, at 3.4 ounces (94g) with a rechargeable battery that allows for two hours of usage time. Handily, the charging cable is labelled with the product name, which is useful if you have several toys with several different cables. 

The Nex 2 retailed at $129 via OhMiBod’s official website, before seemingly being removed from sale there. It is still on sale on third-party seller sites though, like Amazon in the US.

A similarly-shaped device, The Cuddle, which can’t be linked to other devices, sells for $69. The Bluemotion Nex 1 2nd Generation is still on sale too.

OhMiBod Bluemotion Nex 2: In Use

There are three different ways you can play with the Nex 2: manually, locally (with the app) and remotely (with the app). 

In all modes, the Nex 2’s vibrations can get strong. This powerful motor means the toy isn’t the quietest, but – refreshingly – nor does it claim to be. There isn’t anything to fault with a buzzy-sounding toy so long as it doesn’t proclaim to be silent. 

I found the toy’s shape to be very comfortable and well-designed. It’s designed for G-spot stimulation, and it does the job well. The only thing about the overall design I can mention is that I wish it had a little more flexibility. It’s a very solid and hard toy, but a little bend would make the toy that little more comfortable to move around when inserted internally.

Manual play

To switch the device on, you hold the ~ button for three seconds. To play with the toy manually, press the ~ button again. A white LED light confirms you’re in manual mode, but the toy works easily without connecting to an app. Once vibrating, you press the ~ button again and again to rotate through the patterns. The manual claims there are seven pulsating patterns in manual mode, but despite several tests, I could only find three. It’s not that big of a deal as the app offers plenty of vibe pattern versatility, but it’s just something I found didn’t match up to the manual. 

As is standard with many smart sex toys, to increase or decrease the speed of the vibes, you press the + and – buttons. 

Also, while you might enjoy using vibrators in the bath or shower, you can’t with the Nex 2, as it’s not waterproof. 

The experience using the toy was OK in manual mode, but the Nex 2 really comes into its own when connected with the OhMiBod app. 

Local play via app

The OhMiBod app works with several toys made by the manufacturer, such as Lovelife Krush, Fuse and Esca 2, including the toys in the app-controlled Bluemotion product line: Nex 1 and Nex 2.

The OhMiBod remote app can be downloaded for both iOS and Android, and can connect via phone, tablet or even Apple Watch. While this wasn’t possible for me to test as I don’t own one, we may be seeing more and more smartwatch connectivity in sextech as wearable technology become more popular.

Once the app is downloaded, follow the on-screen instructions to link the device up to the app. A solid blue LED light indicates a successful Bluetooth connection. While we’re on the subject, the on-device LED light syncs with the vibrations and the on-screen interface pleasingly. This clever light syncing gives the overall experience of using the toy, with the tech, that little something extra, and adds to the value of the toy as a sextech product. In other words, if you’re a sextechnophile, you’ll have fun playing with the Nex 2 and the OhMiBod app. 

There are plenty of patterns to play with in the app. As previously mentioned, I could only find three patterns to rotate through in manual mode, but the app offers lots of pre-programmed choice, along with the ability to create and save your own patterns. I particularly enjoyed using the Touch feature (pictured), which uses a graph to drag your finger across and easily control the vibes in terms of speed and intensity.

You can also control the intensity of the vibrations with the volume control on your phone, another feature I enjoyed playing with. 

You can track your weekly or yearly orgasms with the Oh!domoter in-app feature, and the Nex 2 can also vibrate in sync with ambient sound or music via its ‘club vibe’ mode. 

Remote play via app

To play long-distance, both parties need to set-up an OhMiBod account. From there, the experience is as described above, except with the added fun of someone controlling your device from a device. The Nex 2 also supports in-app video calling; long-distance ‘lockdown’ lovers being a market the sextech world has been keen to tap into over the past year.

OhMiBod Bluemotion Nex 2: Overall

Overall, the Nex 2 is a nicely-shaped versatile vibrator that proves good value for money. Ideally, a little flexibility would make the toy slightly more comfortable to use internally, but all in all a fun piece of sextech to play with, as long as you’re happy using an app to control it, as that’s how to get the most fun out of it. 

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