OhMiBod (finally) launches Nex 3 vibrating couples ring

Ohmibod Nex 3 Bluemotion

Hot on the heels of the Nex 2 vibrator update, OhMiBod has released a Bluetooth-enabled vibrating couples ring, cunningly named the Bluemotion Nex 3. 

The new ‘Extended Touch’ design ensures partners of the opposite sex can use the toy simultaneously, with “more consistent body contact and increased stimulation”, according to a statement.

Like OhMiBod’s other products in its Bluetooth-enabled BlueMotion line — such as the Nex 1 and 2 — the ring can be used manually or with added functionality when paired with the OhMiBod remote app. 

“The traditional couples ring design presents two common challenges: a lack of consistent body contact with vibrations during movement and ring discomfort when placed between two bodies,” OhMiBod founder Suki Dunham commented. 

“OhMiBod is committed to creating well-designed products that ensure maximum comfort and pleasure. We believe the Nex 3’s design is the answer to these longstanding obstacles,” she added.

The toy was initially scheduled to launch at CES 2020, but a second-generation Nex 2 launched last year instead.

The Nex 3 also benefits from being made from a body-safe, super-soft silicone material, which the company has dubbed as ‘Velvet Wave’ technology. The ring is also ridged to “maximise comfort and pleasure”.

The Nex 3 ring is fully compatible with the OhMiBod Remote app, which boasts plentiful features, including the Club Vibe mode, which syncs vibrations with external music. Since its inception in 2006, OhMiBod has been known for music-driven sextech which has proved popular with technophiles and techno fans alike.  

“The Covid-19 era has laid bare the critical importance of safety, happiness, wellness, and intimacy,” Dunham added. “The Nex 3 delivers a dual-sensory experience where couples can enjoy the beat and rhythm of songs through the vibrations. With the Extended Touch design, the ability for a couple to share all aspects of this experience is truly remarkable.”

The OhMiBod Remote app also features Bluetooth integration for AirPods and speakers, as well as independent volume and vibrator intensity controls. Once downloaded from the Apple Store or Google Play, it immediately pairs and plays with all OhMiBod Bluetooth enabled vibrators. 

The Nex 3 is retailing for $109 on Ohmibod’s website at lovelifetoys.com.

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Oli Lipski

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