Lelo Soraya Wave review (2020 model): A luxe rabbit vibrator that didn’t quite hit the spot



Lelo Soraya Wave review (2020 model): A luxe rabbit vibrator that didn’t quite hit the spot
Lelo Soraya Wave review (2020 model): A luxe rabbit vibrator that didn’t quite hit the spot
Lelo Soraya Wave review (2020 model): A luxe rabbit vibrator that didn’t quite hit the spot
Super-smooth silicone
Intensity controls
Powerful vibrations
Dual moving parts

Lelo is making a name for itself as a maker of luxurious sextech, having won multiple awards for design in recent years, but while the toys undoubtedly look nice, do they really offer an experience that can justify its products’ high price points?  

The Lelo Soraya Wave, the third in the Soraya range of luxe rabbit massagers (the Wave is a successor to the Soraya 2, retails at $249, and promises “toe-curling” orgasms through its combination of a G-spot and clitoral stimulator – both of which move.

Like the Lora DiCarlo Ose, which also promises blended orgasms through its moving internal and external parts, this toy is not on the quiet side. But with dual-stimulating toys a mainstay in many collections, is the Soraya Wave worth the $249 price tag anyway?



Lelo Soraya Wave (2020): Rating

5.7Expert Score
A bit of a disappointment, when weighed against the cost

The Lelo Soraya Wave is a premium device that commands a premium price tag.
On the plus side, with some practise, you’ll likely grow to love the Soraya Wave, but on the other, it just won’t suit some people – either anatomically, or because it’s too noisy. 

Ease of Use
Feature Set
We Like
  • Super-smooth silicone
  • Intensity controls
  • Powerful vibrations
  • Dual moving parts
We Dislike
  • Too noisy
  • Won’t suit everyone anatomically
  • Tricky to use buttons on the device
  • At higher end of the price range
Black, Blue, Purple
Black, Blue, Purple
Black, Blue, Purple
Fully Waterproof

Design and Functionality

The toy comes in a luxe-looking matte black paper box with a plastic window through to the product itself. Inside, you’ll also find a satin pouch, USB charging cable and mini manual (with a QR code linking to the full online version). The box also comes with a Lelo Authenticity Card, which allows you to register the product for a one-year warranty. 

The review unit is a purply-dark blue, tantalizingly named Midnight Blue. It also comes in black and rose. 

The Soraya Wave is made from body-safe silicone and ABS plastic, as is standard for high-end sextech toys for vulvas. Make sure to use a water-based lubricant (rather than a silicone-based one) with this toy, as the silicone in the lube can make the toy silicone permanently tacky, which you definitely don’t want.

The Wave measures 9.4-inches from top to bottom; the insertable G-spot massager reaches just short of 5-inches in length, and the external clitoral stimulator is 2.3-inches. At its girthiest, the internal G-spot stimulator is around 4.5 inches and a slender 2.7-inches at its thinnest. It’s a satisfying weight – not too heavy, but not at all flimsy, weighing 188g. 

The manual states user time is around two hours, though this will vary a little bit depending on the intensity level – more intense vibrations use more power. It’s 100 percent waterproof, so once it’s charged you can take it in the bath or shower for some fun too.

Before switching the Soraya Wave on for the first time, you should charge it fully. T exterior LED will flash when it’s charging, and stay a constant white color when fully charged.

To unlock the Soraya Wave, press the + and – buttons together for three seconds. The plus button increases speed, and the minus button decreases it. If you assumed the middle button switched it on, you made the same mistake I did. Instead, it changes the vibration settings, of which there are eight.



Solo play

There’s a good variation in pattern, but seven of them are just too loud (particularly for anyone in shared accommodation or with thin neighbouring walls). 

Here’s the thing about the Soraya Wave: it’s really quite noisy. While it doesn’t exactly shout about being silent, its product page says it’s “whisper quiet”, which really doesn’t seem accurate. I don’t know anyone that would ‘whisper’ at that volume, and it was loud enough to put me off reaching for it over other toys. Of the eight vibrating patterns, there is just one that is reassuringly quiet – when only the external clitoral stimulator is moving. 

Noise aside, this toy does deliver on its promise of powerful blended orgasms. Two moving parts stimulating two major orgasm-inducing zones is a fairly safe bet with this, but your journey getting there can be a little tricky. 

The external clitoral stimulator was just too lengthy for me when the internal stimulator was inserted, making it hard to feel the full potential of the otherwise powerful vibrations. The makers claim the “external stimulator’s angle has been adjusted to adapt ergonomically to all body types”, which is a bold (and almost impossible to achieve) claim, for sure.

After reading reviews from other users, I know I’m not the only one who struggled with this, but for some people it would be the right anatomic design. It’s not a total deal-breaker, but being just a few millimetres shorter would mean the stimulator wasn’t pressing so firmly on the clitoral area. With some words of navigation to my partner, or a little adjusting during solo play, it was possible to successfully adjust to a pleasurable place, but it definitely took some trial and error. 

Aside from the problem of the insertable G-spot stimulator motor being too noisy, it otherwise works quite nicely. The moving internal part is perhaps this toy’s unique selling point, and after having navigated the right position, it did hit the (G-)spot. This is thanks to Lelo’s WaveMotion technology, which “mimics the caress of a lovers’ fingers”. However, even at the highest speed, this ‘come-hither’ mimicry was still a little too slow, but any faster and the noise would be enough to ruin the experience anyway. Noise is a persistent challenge for sex toy manufacturers, and one that can hopefully be ironed out in future toys in the Soraya range.

Couples play

Using this toy with a partner was infinitely preferable to using it alone. This is likely down to the fact that they could hold it in the right spot, giving me room to lie back and relax, without the trickiness of holding it in place – the manual says you should hold the toy by hooking your fingers through the handle at the bottom, but that wasn’t comfortable for me.

However, do make sure the toy is switched off before removing it – it can be a little painful otherwise. 


Is the Lelo Soraya Wave Worth Buying?

Overall, the toy was a bit of a disappointment, especially as it comes with a relatively hefty price tag, without any interactive capabilities, or app functionality. These factors put the Soraya Wave in direct competition with devices like the Lora DiCarlo Osé 2, rather than something like the We-Vibe Nova 2.

What it does, it can do well – it’s a premium-looking, well-made and long-lasting toy that with a little practice can bring a whole lot of blended orgasm fun, particularly if used with a partner. It’s just a shame it’s so noisy.

If that isn’t a consideration, however, with some determination, the Lelo Soraya Wave should earn its place in your collection.

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