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Lora DiCarlo Osé review: Uniquely blended orgasms take perseverance

Lora DiCarlo Osé review
Lora DiCarlo Osé review: Uniquely blended orgasms take perseverance
Lora DiCarlo Osé review: Uniquely blended orgasms take perseverance
Intense blended orgasms
Innovative and unique technology
Good for learning about your body

Last year, the world was first introduced to Lora DiCarlo’s Osé, followed swiftly by controversy surrounding the product’s CES award being revoked… and then re-awarded.

Since then the company launched two more products at this year’s CES, the Onda and the Baci. These two are, essentially, a disassembled Osé.

Osé is a hands-free micro-robotic massager for the vulva – specifically designed to simultaneously stimulate the G-spot, internal and external clitoris (the clitourethrovaginal complex) for a combined, or ‘blended’, orgasm.

There is a new, improved version of the Osé by Lora DiCarlo, called the Osé 2, which we have also reviewed.

Unlike the blended orgasms offered by the $219 Womanizer Duo, Lora DiCarlo’s technology uses a more ‘thrumming’ motion, where the Duo uses suction for the clitoral stimulation, and even more uniquely, has a robotic finger-like stroker instead of vibration tech for the G-spot stimulation. Designed to replicate the “come-hither” motion of a finger. Unfortunately, similar to the Duo… sound is an issue.

For $290, the combined orgasm technology is undoubtedly unique, but a sex toy with such a high price point will need to perform exceptionally well to earn it a solid value for money recommendation. Read on to see if it manages it.

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Osé by Lora DiCarlo Image Gallery

Osé by Lora DiCarlo: Rating

6.3Expert Score
Innovative, but potentially painful and definitely too loud

Osé combines a G-spot massager and clitoral mouth to stimulate both points simultaneously for blended orgasms. Costing $290, this product uses unique microrobotic technology to educate and arouse the user.

In reality, the Ose’s enjoyment will depend heavily on your willingness to experiment around how to get the best out of the device for you.

Ease of Use
We Like
  • Intense blended orgasms
  • Innovative and unique technology
  • Good for learning about your body
We Dislike
  • Way too loud
  • Difficult to bend to suit my body
  • Settings must be done while inserted
  • Can be painful at times

Lora DiCarlo Osé 2

Please Note: this is the Lora DiCarlo Osé 2, not the original reviewed here.
$265.00 $290.00
Fully Waterproof

Lora DiCarlo Osé: Design

In the box you receive the Osé, magnetic USB charger, a yellow pouch, and instructions. What is important to mention is that the company offers a complimentary, live one-on-one 25-minute “product and wellness session”. Basically a demo, with one of its WellSx coaches, worth $45.

The packaging is pretty, sleek and minimalist – managing a classy, clean overall presentation.

The product itself is white , and made from high quality, body-safe materials, including premium silicone and ABS plastic – again, essentials for sex tech today, and definitely what you’d expect on a premium toy, such as this. As the Lora DiCarlo Osé is made from silicone, use a water-based lube, as silicone-based lubricants can cause the material to deteriorate.

It has a bendy arm that contains the finger-tech, and a large head for the external clitoral stimulation, which really adds to the overall weight. In total, the whole product weighs 233 grams. The insertable width measures up to 1.5-inches, and the insertable length is 4.4-inches.

The company’s claims of charging for one hour for two hours of use are about accurate. The light that circles the on button will indicate how much charge is remaining, and will flash when there is five minutes of use left.

Getting to know the product’s technology before use is key to effectiveness.

Turning it on is simple with a large button that you hold down for 3 or so seconds. You’ll know it’s on as the light will come on and the finger will move a little, waving hello.

The buttons that sit on the base of the head are for the three settings. The longest turns on the clitoral mouth and controls the intensity of the thrumming. The middle button turns on and controls the speed of the finger stroke. And the smallest circular button sets the position and length of the stroke.

As the Osé is 100% waterproof, it can be used in the shower, bath and cleaned easily with warm water and soap or toy cleaner.

Lora DiCarlo Osé: In Use

I received my live demo with the WellSx Coach a couple of weeks prior to receiving my Osé, and with the tips provided, felt pretty confident (not to mention, incredibly excited) to use it.

However, the first few attempts became a period of general frustration and confusion, which isn’t really the outcome you want from a shiny new toy.

After charging it up for one hour using the magnetic charging cable, and washing it, I tested out the different buttons and lubed it up with my water-based lubricant.

I quickly discovered that it’s important to not have it switched on and operational before inserting the toy, as the moving finger is painful on insertion. Admittedly, had I read the User Guide first, I would have known this.

“Do not remove or insert your Osé until it is fully powered off,” as this “may result in pain or injury or damage to the device”.

A lesson learned, the hard way.

It wasn’t just the initial frustration, though. The sound it makes is loud and robotic, and, for a sensualist like myself, quite stressful. This will be especially true if you live with people who aren’t your partner, or willing to put up with your noise.

Bending the arm was another point of some stress. Even though in the demo it seemed easy to adjust to suit your body, in reality, I couldn’t quite get the shape I wanted to position the mouth over my clitoris and simultaneously position the finger on my G-spot.

This did, however, get me thinking about my anatomy and physiology, and how every vulva is different.

After a few goes, I settled for just above my clitoris (not quite where I’d like it to stimulate), and my G-spot, roughly 2-inches in, on the front wall of my vagina. Once in, I turned it on and quickly increased the intensity of the mouth, which needs to be at a high setting to avoid it creating a vacuum that stops it from working.

I’ll admit, the thrumming motion is a highly pleasurable feature. Even though it wasn’t directly over the glans, it felt like a tongue flickering over the clitoris. I’d be happy with just this setting, but that somewhat defeats the point of a multi-stim product. The sound of this part isn’t offensively loud, even on the highest setting.

Nevertheless, the volume issue arises as soon as the finger-setting is activated (time to crank up the music – and not a toy to be used in the dead of night). Thankfully, the noise isn’t for nothing, and the come-hither motion does what it says on the tin, stroking the G-spot.

Playing around with the speed, position and length of the stroke I found myself in moments of intense pleasure – often crossing over into pain. This might be due to not being aroused enough before starting.

Once the settings matched the moment, I tried to relax and let go – alas, difficult with the noise pollution – and, relatively quickly, brought myself to orgasm; a powerfully blended one at that. It’s something I’ve rarely experienced with toys or a partner, but when it does happen, it washes over me in waves.

With both the finger-tech and thrumming-mouth hugging my clitoris and G-spot, my orgasm was not a quick bolt of lightning but a powerful thunder that kept rolling, rolling, rolling… until I turned off the toy. Whew. And breathe.

Lora DiCarlo Osé: Verdict

I would recommend using this toy when you are already aroused, so the G-spot is ready for stimulation, otherwise the finger stroking can be an uncomfortably intense sensation. Alternatively, let the clitoral stimulator arouse the area before testing out the finger.

If you get the angles right, and use your thighs to hold it in place, this toy can be used hands-free – perfectly leaving your hands to roam elsewhere, or just allowing you to relax.

For the sound issue, my suggestion would be to pop your headphones in and listen to some audio porn, or your favourite sensual playlist to avoid the aural distractions.

Though I did have a pretty incredible orgasm, the stressful testing period turned me off from wanting to experiment initially. But with time and patience, I did find this product useful as a personalized educational tool to discover more about the position of my clitoris and G-spot.

In the end, the unique technology was efficient in creating a blended orgasm, but the noise and the issues with adjusting the shape left me deflated, as much as it did elated. After a few tries, the shape, settings and sensations do become easier and less painful. If you’re after a rolling orgasm, perseverance is key with this toy.

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