Lora DiCarlo Osé 2 review: Amazing blended orgasms come at a very literal price

Lora DiCarlo Ose 2 review

$265.00 $290.00

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Lora DiCarlo Osé 2 review: Amazing blended orgasms come at a very literal price
Lora DiCarlo Osé 2 review: Amazing blended orgasms come at a very literal price
$265.00 $290.00
Shape bends easily to suit different body types
Finger tech improved – more pleasure, no pain
Multiple & blended orgasms

Since Lora DiCarlo (LDC) made headlines back in 2018 for the CES award revocation, it has launched four products in total, Osé, Onda, Baci and now the Osé 2.

Despite the difficulties experienced during the first review of the original Osé, the brand has developed some unique tech that doesn’t disappoint on orgasmic results. Looking at the current market, there is increasing demand for clitoral suction toys, but we are yet to see such innovation in G-Spot technology, as we do here with the robotic-finger.

While the original design of the Osé had some faults, there was still some excitement to see how the Osé 2 fared in comparison, and there would need to be some excitement for any potential purchasers, given the $290 retail price.


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Osé 2 by Lora DiCarlo: Rating

8.4Expert Score
Much better than the original, but still a little loud

Osé 2 combines a G-spot massager and clitoral mouth to stimulate both pleasure points simultaneously.

A revamp of the original Osé, the product’s improvements haven’t gone unnoticed. For a costly $290, it’s a pricey investment, but worthwhile for long-term, multiple-blended orgasms.

Ease of Use
We Like
  • Shape bends easily to suit different body types
  • Finger tech improved – more pleasure, no pain
  • Multiple &amp
  • blended orgasms
We Dislike
  • Glitchy finger tech
  • Still relatively loud
  • At the more expensive end of the sex toy price scale
White, Sage
Fully Waterproof

Lora DiCarlo Osé 2: Design

As with other Lora DiCarlo devices, Osé 2 comes in a white and yellow box, with a yellow storage pouch, magnetic USB charging cable and instruction manual.

Like most modern sex toys, the design is waterproof (to 3ft), making it great for the shower or bath. Equally importantly, it means the Osé 2 is easy to clean too.

For new users, the larger instructional diagrams will be welcomed – and if you still need some help, , the company still offers free virtual SxWellness consultations. The new storage pouch is made from recycled plastic, which is always nice to know.

What might shock you on first use is the weight. The Osé 2 comes in at 330g, while the original Osé was only 233g. Even holding them side by side, because of the 2’s more compact design it looks like it should be lighter.

The buttons have moved a little, and are now all on the same interface. The control panel is larger and easier to use than its predecessor, but the single-touch option to switch everything off only stops the finger section, so it’s more like a two-touch turn-off process, which isn’t the end of the world.

The head – which contains the clitoral mouth on the front and the control panel on the back – doesn’t allow for the Osé 2 to stand, but it does look and feel more streamlined, with more premium silicone than hard ABS plastic.

LDC claims to feature a wider range of power on the clitoral stimulator “for more variety, and a customizable experience,” and a more “intuitive fit with additional angles to fit a wider range of anatomies more comfortably.”

The arm – which can be bent to suit your body, and contains the finger robotic tech – is 9.5 percent smaller than the original. The G-spot Massager offers the same ‘come-hither’ motion as seen in other Lora DiCarlo toys. With the internal massager, you can choose from a selection of 10 speeds, and various stroke position and length options.

While LDC says that this version “has more rumbly lows and higher highs” it has somehow managed to compromise on sound, with a stated 10 decibel reduction in noise. That’s particularly important, as noise was one factor that let the original down a little.

Lora DiCarlo Osé 2: In Use

Lora DiCarlo prides itself on being a brand that encourages you to learn about your body and all the pleasurable things it can do. Over time, I’ve learned that patience is usually needed to enjoy bigger orgasms, and that different toys deliver different types of orgasms.

Case in point: the Osé 2 facilitates blended orgasms in a way that other toys, and even partners, haven’t been able to do previously. By using the Osé 2, I now have a level of comfort in knowing how to achieve this, and being able to communicate that during sex.

Before using the Osé 2, it’s especially important to warm yourself up before diving into the penetration and finger tech. Holding the mouth over your vulva brings a pleasant thrumming to stimulate blood flow and heighten nerve endings in the area. Similar to the Baci’s multi-purpose mouth, the Osé 2’s can also be used on other erogenous zones, such as nipples, inner arms and inner thighs. The weight also wasn’t an issue, which is strange considering it’s supposedly heavier.

It’s important to insert the arm into the vagina when you are ready and while the finger part is switched off. For the record, the manual does say in block capitals “DO NOT INSERT OR REMOVE OSÉ 2 WHILE IT IS POWERED ON”. This is because it can be painful (the things we go through for you, dear reader), and damage the toy.

Once inserted, I found a position and length of stroke I liked. Thankfully, I immediately noticed that the strokes were not anywhere near as painful as the original Osé, something I had been almost dreading the second time around. The Osé 2 is altogether softer and more comfortable to use than the original.

Combining the mouth and finger section to use both at once was also pleasingly simple. The arm was relatively easy to bend into shape, and didn’t need much adjusting to hit the right spots – again, something that frustrated me in the previous toy.

Over the course of testing the Osé 2, my blended and multiple orgasms just got better and better each time. You can keep some variety in your experiences by mixing up the pattern, and by switching off the mouth or the finger to just enjoy one at a time.

In doing this, you can choose whether to have a clitoral orgasm, G-Spot orgasm, or powerful blended orgasms. After climaxing, the toy continues to pleasurably stimulate both the G-Spot and clitoris which – if you wish to carry on – may encourage multiple orgasms.

Nevertheless, there are some minor negatives worth noting.

The noise, while improved, is still not perfect. While I got used to it, the finger robot noise was downright irritating. To test the claimed 10 decibel reduction, I placed the original and the Osé 2 side-by-side. There was a difference, but it’s marginal. Still, any noise reduction is welcomed. At least it doesn’t claim to be “Silent Tech” like the Womanizer Duo.

Unfortunately, after a few uses, the finger section became quite glitchy. I feared I’d broken it from using it too much or pressing too many buttons, but it continues to work. From time to time it sounds like it’s malfunctioning, which isn’t really very sexy.

While the brand claims the toy is hands-free, this is only if you position it cleverly between your thighs – enabling you to use your hands elsewhere. Otherwise, you’ll have to use your hands to ensure the mouth stays in position on your clitoris.

Lora DiCarlo Osé 2: Overall Verdict

In spite of the noise, and the minor glitches, I found the Osé 2 to be the almost-perfect date. It was able to warm me up, bring me to new heights of pleasure, and do it over and over again. Exactly what you want from a sex toy, right?

Perhaps, if you are a first time user of the Lora DiCarlo products, there will inevitably be some learning involved – just like a new partner. If you are game for the journey, the outcome is worth it.

Annoyingly (but perhaps justly), the $290 price is on the higher end of the market. So unless you’re ready to really invest in your pleasure for the long-term, it might be worth starting out with the cheaper Baci or the Onda. Otherwise, you can view it as a sexual investment – and never look back.

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