Anyone for ‘explicit CPR’? 3DUncut is a new platform that offers 3D holograms of adult performers for immersive VR and AR experiences


A new VR and Augmented Reality (AR) site called 3DUncut has launched, offering ‘holograms’ made from 3D scans of adult performers, allowing you to watch them from all angles and zoom levels.

As a newcomer to the scene, 3DUncut currently showcases six creators and 56 hologram experiences as of April 11, 2023. Although it might take some time to compete with Naughty America, which also provides AR content made from 3D scanned adult stars, this launch is a positive sign of the growing confidence in the VR adult entertainment industry.

3DUncut positions itself as a platform “where influencers and models are doing all sorts of stuff in 3D, meaning you can stand and zoom and move around a person to see everything, from every angle.”

These activities include a model pouring maple syrup on herself, another playing a keyboard in her underwear, a model sitting on a gigantic hamburger, and a woman performing ‘explicit CPR’ on a medical dummy.

The 3D renders are created using volumetric video, which involves multiple cameras and sensors to capture a subject. Some of the holograms are available for free, while others require a small fee for access.

Although it’s still early days for 3DUncut, the creators expressed their “slight terror” regarding the reception from the 3D adult content enthusiasts. Despite the holograms appearing well-rendered, the sparse visual surroundings in which they perform lend a mildly clinical feel to the experience, which could potentially benefit those interested in trying VR porn passthrough hacks.

The creators plan to add more NSFW content to the site in the near future.

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Jamie F

Jamie F

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