SexLikeReal adds VR live cams directly into SLR app

SexLikeReal VR Live Cams

SexLikeReal is known for having one of the largest collections of VR porn available via a single source, and not so long ago, it added support for interactive porn scenes too. Now, it’s rolling out support for live VR chats with cam performers directly within the SexLikeReal app.

At the moment, the feature is still in its fledgling form, but there are some solid plans for additional options in the near future, such as doubling the bitrate to improve quality, and extending the vertical Field of View by 30-degrees.

SexLikeReal VR Live

As with other cam sites, SLR’s VR live cams will allow other ‘amateur’ performers to log-on and perform shows too, and if you opt for a private show, there will also be a feature that automatically records them and puts a copy in your SLR account for later viewing.

Just because there are plans for the future, that doesn’t mean the current setup is lacking; there’s already 4K 60FPS streaming with stereo sound available. Much of this tech underpinning, in terms of the VR platform, is delivered through a partnership with Dreamcam.

SexLikeReal VR live cams

There’s a range of token packages available, starting at 100 credits for $12, all the way up to 1,100 tokens for $125.71. And if you’d rather not use the SexLikeReal app, you can use the DeoVR browser and navigate to instead.

We’ve seen a number of VR live cam sites in the past, but few have any sustained presence. The most promising of the past, AliceX, closed down in 2017 and other experiments from live cam platforms have largely fizzled out. However, with a large, active user base already invested in using the app and purchasing content from SexLikeReal – all specifically with an interest in virtual reality – the company stands a better than average chance of making VR live cams work, finally.

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